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Champagnes & Chocolats
Du 10/11/23 au 10/11/23

Sensory Tasting Masterclass 'Champagnes & Chocolates'

Culturelle - Animation viti-vinicole - Vin-Oenologie

Pourquoi y aller ?

Amorescence offers you a sensory and commented tasting of 3 Champagne wines, cuvées of winegrowers engaged in organic and biodynamic viticulture and 6 fine quality cocoa beans, creations of the talented local chocolatier Emmanuel Briet, to understand the geology, history, grape varieties, winemaking, similarities in the stages of Champagne and Chocolate making and Champagnes & Chocolates pairings.

A unique experience, a nice sensory journey and sublime vintages!

An exceptional workshop with exceptional Champagnes and Chocolates!

Registration and reservation required to participate in this experience.

Possibility to offer this Workshop as a gift voucher.

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  • Champagnes & Chocolats
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Dates de la manifestation

  • Du 10/11/23 au 10/11/23 - à 10:30
Culturelle - Animation viti-vinicole - Vin-Oenologie

Sensory Tasting Masterclass 'Champagnes & Chocolates'

Office de Tourisme Epernay en Champagne 7 Avenue de Champagne 51200 EPERNAY

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