enfants en visitent chez pressoria

In the family

Discovering Épernay and its villages

Sparkling destination for the whole family!

Are you looking for a family weekend in a sparkling and charismatic destination? Épernay, the capital of champagne, is the place for you! For adults and even the little ones, this will be an unforgettable getaway!

To discover Champagne with your family, book your stay in our sparkling destination now!

en famille chez pressoria
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer
Explore our destination

An unforgettable getaway

Visit places full of history, full of secrets about the making of champagne and take an adventurous trip to discover the wines of kings at the Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology then continue  through a unique sensory journey at PRESSORIA.

Why not also take a ride in a tethered balloon for a breathtaking view of the whole city! 

Thus, linking the city of champagne and children is possible and you will even enjoy it!

Champagne is much more than a weekend destination, it is a region to explore and in the simplest way possible: with your family! To guide you in the organization of your stay, here are some ideas to discover the richness of the famous city of Épernay, capital of champagne and its villages. It shelters treasures and resources of the Champagne region that you should not miss during your visit to our region!

experiences for an unforgettable family stay

façade château (c)Ville Epernay (7)

Musée du vin de Champagne et d'Archéologie régionale

Located on the Avenue de Champagne, a prestigious thoroughfare in E...
La Cave aux Coquillages - Fleury-la-Rivièr

La Cave aux Coquillages

Underground geological excursion. Learn about an ancient tropical s...

Ecomusée Champenois

Guided tour of the 3 sites, telling the story of life in 1900: the ...
Piot-Sévillano 1 (c) IG Bruno Maltor

Champagne Piot Sevillano

Christine and Vincent are intent on enchanting your taste buds and ...
pressoria-ay-champagne-musee-5-sens BOEGLY+GRAZIA

Pressoria - Voyage sensoriel au cœur de la Champagne

As a couple, with friends, family, group, come and experience a sen...
Ballon captif - Epernay - photo Michel Jolyot (49)

Ballon captif - Epernay

Enjoy an extraordinary experience 150 meters above the ground. Aboa...

Bubbles Tuk-tuk

Bubbles Tuk-tuk offers guided tours and walks on vineyard paths abo...

Experiences for an unforgettable family stay

1657288009313 (1)

Champagne Julien Chopin

Dive into the Domaine Julien Chopin’s universe ! Say goodbye to the...

Maison de Champagne Mercier

Discover the history of the Caves and Champagne Mercier founded in ...

Champagne Sourdet-Diot

Come and meet the Soudet-Diot family at the heart of the Marne Vall...
Champagne Michel-Mailliard (1)

Champagne Michel Mailliard

Since 1894, the home of Champagne Michel Mailliard can be found in ...
Champagne De Castellane- Epernay

Maison de Champagne de Castellane

Come and discover the deep cellars of the famous Maison Castellane,...

Champagne Henri Giraud

The Maison de Champagne Henri Giraud makes wine with passion and sk...
Champagne Collard-Picard - Epernay (1)

Champagne Collard-Picard

With the passing of the centuries, this is more than just a family ...
Champagne Dom Caudron - Passy-Grigny (1)

Champagne Dom Caudron

At the heart of the Marne Valley we are waiting to introduce you to...
Champagne Elodie D.

Champagne Elodie D.

It is in 1692 that the ancestors of Elodie begin to cultivate the v...
photo JT 2

Champagne Briaux Lenique

Nathalie and Stéphanie will be very happy to show you around the fa...
Chp Gosset Epernay 2015

Champagne Gosset

Champagne Gosset is the oldest Champagne wine house. The firm’s ori...