Playmobiles dans les vignes

In the family

Play adventurer with your family!

Epernay, for children and adults!

You’ve been dreaming of a weekend in Epernay, capital of champagne and effervescence, for a long time? You are finally going to organize it and want to take your children along? Just like you, they will love this getaway! Visit places full of history, full of secrets about the making of champagne and be adventurous by visiting for example the Chateau Perrier which houses the museum of Champagne wine and regional archeology. Or why not become a real archaeologist by going to the shell cellar! Linking champagne and children is possible and you will even get a taste for it!

Discovering champagne and family life, it’s possible! Book your family stay in our sparkling destination now. 

famille faisant du vélo en bord de Marne - Epernay Tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

Discovering the riches of the Champagne region

Champagne is not only a weekend destination, it is a region to discover and as logically as possible: with the family! And to help you organize your stay, here are some ideas to visit the famous city of Epernay, capital of champagne and its villages. It is home to some truly Champagne nuggets and treasures that you should not miss when you come to our region!

Other experiences for an unforgettable family stay