Coupe du Monde de Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2023

come and vibrate and experience the matches in Epernay in Champagne

Champagne, at the brink of Paris

Within 2 hours’ drive, or by public transport, of the Stade de France, set to hold many of the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 matches and of course the finals, you will find yourself in the Heart of the Champagne Region!

Paris-Orly and Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airports are just 1.5 – 2 hrs drive or you can take the fast train (TGV) directly from CDG to Reims in the Champagne region in just 40 minutes. The region is also easily accessed by motorway or public transport from anywhere else in the country (Calais 2.45 hrs drive, Bordeaux 4.15 hrs by train, Lyon 4 hrs by train etc.). From Reims it’s just a short hop to Épernay, the Heart of Champagne and its beautiful surrounding villages.

Victoire de la Coupe du Monde de Rugby
in a sparkling setting

A place to celebrate victory

The Champagne region was assigned UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2015, and deservedly so. Dans un paysage vallonné aux pentes plantées de vignes, les cépages With its lush landscape of rolling vineyards, the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes are lovingly grown to produce delicious Champagne synonymous with celebrating many of life’s milestones and victories. And no doubt many Champagne corks will be popped celebrating the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 matches and of course the finals!

Being so close to the action in Paris, if you’re attending any of the rugby matches over the coming weeks, it would be a shame to miss out on a visit to the Champagne Region and experience all this fabulous region has to offer. For those who prefer a gentler pace of life than the hustle and bustle of Paris, the Champagne Region could be the perfect location to base yourself and travel from here to the Stade de France, feeling refreshed, revived and full of sparkle!

to the rhythm of Champagne

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coupe de monde de rugby en champagne
Good to know

Fun facts

  1. There are 30,000 hectares of vines in the Champagne region
  2. There are over 100km of cellars under Épernay, making the Avenue de Champagne perhaps the most valuable real estate in the world!
  3. 200 million bottles of Champagne are stored in these cellars alone
  4. The roots of the vines sometimes grow over 20 feet deep
  5. The largest bottle is the Melchisedec which contains the equivalent of 30 normal bottles
  6. Over 500,000 visitors come to the region each year

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