Epernay, ville éco- responsable

Epernay, an eco-responsible city

Eco-responsible territory

The City of Epernay has been committed toSustainable Development for many years, and the City has already developed various actions on all environmental issues .

Epernay was the first community in Champagne-Ardenne to initiate an Agenda 21 in 2008. Officially launched in February 2010, it was recognized in early 2011 as a “Local Agenda 21 France” by the Ministry of Ecology.

The City of Epernay was awarded the “Positive Energy Territories for Green Growth” (TEPCV) label in 2015. Within the framework of this call for projects, the City of Epernay has implemented concrete and operational actions that reflect its commitment to the ecological transition.

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Epernay and its villages

At the scale of the 47 communes of Epernay Agglo Champagne, a Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan (PCAET) has been drawn up and definitively approved by the Community Council in May 2021.

The PCAET is the regulatory part of the “Ambition Climat 2025” policy, i.e. the evaluation of the environmental policy carried out by the territory, with thecommitment to the Cit’ergie certification process .

The Communauté d’Agglomération d’Epernay and the City of Epernay have been awarded the Cap Cit’ergie label in 2019 .

The operational implementation of sustainable development in Epernay therefore corresponds to a strong political will of the municipal team.

Epernay and Epernay Agglo Champagne in 3 eco-projects

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Gourd friendly

How to limit the environmental impact of plastic by drastically reducing
the consumption of plastic water bottles?

The gourd, provided that it is used for a long time, is therefore a particularly interesting solution to reduce pollution. But where do you getdrinking water to fill it ?

To facilitate the use of the gourd, HOALI and EPERNAY AGGLO CHAMPAGNE propose an interactive cartography of the public water points and the “gourd friendly” partner businesses on the 47 communes of the territory. These places are accessible to all free of charge.

A geocaching dedicated to the ecological transition

Set up in partnership with the Countryside Association, the city of Epernay has developed a geocaching course that takes the form of a 7.5km loop, with a total of ten caches (it takes about 2 hours on average to find them all). “It is an opportunity to discover the city’s eco-responsible facilities (electric vehicles, car-sharing station, pumping station for bicycles, sorting station for clothes, solar panels installed on municipal buildings, an orchard in the city, etc.).

Discover it on the official worldwide Geocaching® application .

The path of the bees

The City of Epernay has created the “Chemin des Abeilles”, an interactive map that allows you to locate places where pollinators can feed. Contributors are encouraged to plant melliferous species to welcome pollinators in their private or collective gardens. In addition, they are invited to map their contribution on an interactive online map.

All these contributions form the “Bee Path”, which offers shelter and food to pollinators. As such, the City received the Citizenship Award at the 27th Eco Actions Trophies

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