Air tonic

Baptism of the air

by flying over the vineyard

Want to see the city of Épernay and its charming villages in a different way? What if we told you it was possible? Alone or accompanied, with friends, family or with your loved one, live and share this exceptional moment where you will embrace the air, in the heart of Champagne. During your stay, come and live an incredible experience in the sparkling air of our destination!

Paysages d'été en Champagne - Epernay Tourisme
Beautiful memories of the Champagne region

Epernay and its little corners of paradise

Go back home with beautiful images engraved in your head. What could be better than whispering sweet nothings in your other half’s ear while admiring the scenery that slowly unfolds under your feet. Or take advantage of being in the air to make your proposal, your bachelorette or bachelor party ? What is sure and certain is that you will not leave without beautiful Champagne memories. These important moments will be forever linked between you and Epernay and its little corners of paradise.

All these pleasant landscapes that offers the romantic city of Épernay and its surrounding villages while taking flight will also allow you to get some height by flying over the magnificent scenery of the Champagne vineyardJust let the magic happen during this extraordinary moment that will reveal all its splendor!

Epernay en ballon Air Tonic
Alexandre Couvreux
Vignobles vue du ciel - Air Tonic
100% Champagne and sparkling activities!

Still hesitating?

Try the first flight with the Sparnacan wings in tourist planes that fly over our ocean of vines in Plivot, they will allow you to discover the most intimate secrets of our territory. For the less adventurous, while remaining attached to the ground, climb aboard the tethered balloon that flies to 150 meters high while admiring the landscapes and vineyards as far as the eye can see, accompanied by a glass of our sweet nectar. 100% Champagne and sparkling activities!