Local products

Must-have products from our city and region

It is not by chance that tourists often stop in the city of Épernay and its surroundings to eat or to buy some must-have products from our city and region! Indeed, the Capital of Champagne and its neighboring towns are full of typical local products not to be missed. These refined dishes, in which the flavors of the Champagne region mingle with local products, will delight your palate and leave you wanting more! The talent of our producers is reflected in their various products, so take the time to share an exquisite moment with local dishes, delicacies and products that are just as exquisite!

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Taste and discover

The champagne

It is almost unthinkable to come to Champagne without tasting this sweet sparkling nectar… And as you can imagine, there is no shortage of places where you can taste and discover its secrets!

Le Moelleux Champenois
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A unique cake

The softness of the Champagne region

It’s time to activate your taste buds by discovering our unique cake, which is a reflection of our Champagne destination. It is a pastry with champagne marc and pink cookies.

a very mild and slightly sweet taste

The lentil from Champagne

The Champagne region has a chalky soil which gives our lentils a very soft and slightly sweet taste. In our country, the lentillon champenois is cooked by our greatest chefs in starred establishments.

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Your most faithful companion of delicacies

Les Coteaux Champenois in Bouzy

The Coteaux-Champenois de Bouzy is red in color thanks to the use of pinot noir. He can be served with aperitifs, starters, main courses or cheeses. It’s simple, it will be your most faithful companion of delicacies.

A real moment of comfort

The "biscuit rose"

The “biscuit rose” of Reims is as famous as the Cathedral Notre Dame de Reims. Enjoy at any time of the day, it is a real moment of comfort.