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Épernay, heart of the Champagne region

In Epernay, the offer of tourism and leisure activities around champagne is constantly renewed, driven by the irresistible desire to make you discover the heart of Champagne, its hospitality, its elegance and its excellence. This is how new and unusual activities are created each year, which allow you to see and feel Champagne in a different way.

Accord mets et champagne - Epernay Tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

Share a unique moment

Let yourself be guided by those who have at heart to share with you the Champagne they love and know better than anyone. They offer you the chance to discover the secrets of the king of wines, in a playful or more in-depth way. There is no shortage of cultural or educational activities to discover champagne, and they are an ideal option for a special moment, especially when followed by a glass of champagne to share with friends or lovers. Because these epicurean moments are an integral part of life in Champagne!

Sparkling Immersions

As for the champagne houses, you will have access to a complete immersive experience, from the visit of the cellars to the final tasting, through the discovery of their patrimonial wealth and historical singularities. The refined charm of the private mansions of the Avenue de Champagne will surely amaze you!
For a weekend, as a couple or with friends, travel through the vineyards and hillsides listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to a more or less original means of transportation. On horseback or on a bike, on a scooter or in a retro van, it’s up to you to decide which Champagne memories you want to take with you! The Champagne Tourist Route will lead you to the activity or destination of your choice, while you travel through postcard-like landscapes.