Saint-Vincent festivities in Champagne

January celebrations

Saint-Vincent honoured in Champagne

Every year, around 22 January, the confrères of the Champagne villages gather to thank Saint-Vincent for the past harvest and to place the next one under his protection.

The head of the procession carries the baton of Saint-Vincent, followed by the banner or statue of the patron saint of winegrowers. The parade participants are dressed in traditional costumes: bagnolets for the ladies and girls, blue blouses, white aprons and cellarmen caps for the men and boys.

Stretchers adorned with foliage and flowers, wine-making tools, a barrel of new wine and a pyramid of brioches complete the picture.

To mark the occasion, a mass is held in the village church, where the procession arrives.

At the end of these solemnities, a banquet is held at which the famous sparkling wine is honoured.


Saint-Vincent festivities

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This year, the grand parade of the Archconfraternity of Saint Vincent will take place in Epernay on 13 January 2024.

In the Champagne region

The Archconfraternity of Saint Vincent

The Archiconfrérie brings together hundreds of Champagne wine guilds..

The parade takes place every year around 22 January in one of the major towns in the Champagne region: Château-Thierry, Epernay, Reims or Troyes.

The programme includes a folk parade through the streets of the town, a mass and a banquet to round off the day’s festivities.