La Champagne à cheval

"Riding a horse gives a taste of freedom." Helen Thomson

The horizon as far as the eye can see!

During your stay in Epernay in Champagne, to vary the pleasures, between two hikes and a few bike rides, horseback riding is an alternative that appeals to young and old alike.

The passionate as well as the neophytes can embark on horseback rides for a few hours or a few days according to your desires.
On horseback, travel at your own pace through our vineyards, plains and forests of Champagne.
Looking for originality? Go for a ride or a horseback ride and find among 4 new circuits on nearly 80 kilometers, the course adapted to your family, your half or your group.

Alexandre Couvreux Photographer
a unique moment in the heart of the vineyard

Sparkling discoveries!

From 1 hour to several hours of riding, riders will not get bored between the vineyards and the forests of Champagne, discovering wild trails in the middle of a unique fauna and flora!

Move with your family, your significant other or your group of friends through the forests by choosing your route. It is also the opportunity to discover the landscapes, the experiences to be lived in our sparkling destination, the craftsmanship as well as the gastronomic specialties of Champagne by stopping through our charming towns and villages!

Take a breath of serenity, roam the territory at a leisurely pace and create a special bond with your horse!

Alexandre Couvreux Photographer