Circuits en Champagne

Champagne cycle ride

A bike ride to discover the hillsides

Discover the territory of Epernay and the villages of the Côte des Blancs at the pace of a bike ride! Routes for all levels and all tastes are proposed. Five circuits for discovering the territory by bike have been set up by Épernay Agglo Champagne. Designed to take roads with light traffic, these circuits make it possible to cross the territory easily and to take full advantage of the landscapes and other riches of the villages crossed: religious, vernacular heritage, recreational, sports and cultural facilities.

Epernay Agglo Champagne
31 km cycling route

Between forests and hills

This loop from Vertus is intended for seasoned cyclists with its climbs and descents.

Rich in vernacular heritage, this region between Vertus, Mancy and Avize will never cease to surprise you with its vineyard lodges, washhouses and small village churches.

This alternation of ascents and descents will delight your eyes with magnificent panoramas of the vines on the edge of the forest which crown the hillsides.

This route is offered to you by Epernay Agglo Champagne and fully signposted (cycle panels with green dots).

Mont Bernon ©OTEPC Maxime FEVRE
Maxime Fèvre - OTEPC
7 km cycling route

The Ring of Epernay

This short medium level loop allows you to discover Epernay from the avenue de Champagne to the heights of Mont Bernon.

Lined with monuments and leisure facilities, this route embraces the different aspects of Epernay: history, entertainment and natural spaces.

You will be rewarded for your efforts at the top of Mont Bernon with its view of the surrounding hillsides.

This route is offered to you by Epernay Agglo Champagne and fully signposted (cycle panels with purple dots).

9 km cycling route

The Western Hillsides

Departing from the town center of Epernay, this loop invites you to explore the western hillsides of the town, passing through the village of Pierry.

Discover the city from another point of view while driving through vineyards on the edge of the Epernay forest.

This route is offered by Epernay Agglo Champagne and fully signposted (cycle panels with orange dots).

Route V52

Champagne ride bike

A 62 km route from Dormans to Moncetz-Longevas along the Marne and the canal.

Suitable for families, this straight line route can be divided into several stages depending on your anchor point.

Find information in the La Champagne à Vélo guide on all the villages you pass through: picnics, viewpoints, winegrowers, curiosities, restaurants, shops and services; and bike rental addresses.

Benoist Laroche

Circuit of the moment

Northern Côte des Blancs circuit

In the saddle for a course of more than 21 km through the Champagne hillsides, climbs and descents that will put the most seasoned calves to the test.
This cyclotourism loop, fully signposted (cycle signs with RED dots), is one of the 5 discovery circuits of the territory by bike set up by Epernay Agglo Champagne. Designed to take roads with light traffic, these circuits make it possible to cross the territory easily and to fully enjoy the landscapes and other riches of the villages crossed (religious, vernacular heritage, recreational, sports and cultural facilities).
Departing from Chouilly, which houses a Romanesque church, you can buy something to eat if you plan to take a break during your journey.
Over the first kilometres, you soak up the Champagne landscape as you cross plains and vineyards and warm up your legs on this drop of almost 100 m. In the distance, a small mountain crowned with a vine lodge testifies to the wine-growing activity of yesteryear. The Mont Aigu vineyard lodge presents a refined architecture in the image of its owners, the Champagne House Moët & Chandon.
Continue pedaling to reach the Saran Wood Mound viewpoint. Leave the Château de Saran behind you, where the aforementioned house organises reception, to admire the plain of Champagne which stretches as far as the eye can see towards Châlons-en-Champagne.
Continuing, you pass in front of a carved chalk cliff on the edge of the forest, then you go down again in the middle of the vineyard roads, towards the wine-growing village of Avize. You pass in front of the Desbordes castle built at the end of the 19th century and which is today a place of reception for associations.
Make a detour in your itinerary towards the exit of the village in the direction of Grauves, to enjoy a stop at the foot of the bottle in perpetual flow and admire the view of the vineyards and the plain. Vix Park is a site placed under the sign of water, decorated with interpretation panels to better understand this element.
Resume your road towards Oger by first taking the departmental road to leave it quickly in favor of the vineyard roads, in which you will begin a slope with an elevation gain of 100 m.
Below, you will see the village of Oger, gold medalist in the European competition for towns and villages in bloom in 2005 and also the last place of residence of the winner of the 1920 Nobel Peace Prize, Léon Bourgeois, who lived at the Château d’ Oger, now owned by a Champagne house.
At the top, you can stop in front of the Tuilerie d’Oger, on the edge of the forest. It overlooks the nature reserve of Pâtis d’Oger, which were old pastures occupied by herds of sheep that played an important role in the Champagne economy before the advent of Champagne.
You then descend through woods and plains, towards Grauves, the crossing of which will take you to the vineyards planted on the western slope of the Montagne d’Avize.
On your way, the classified cliffs of Roualles and Fervottes constitute a protected and regularly maintained area in order to stem the colonization of forests and preserve the dry lawns sheltering original fauna and flora species.
On the opposite side, you will discover the villages of Mancy and Monthelon, nestled in the hollow of the vines and in the background, the forest of Epernay overlooks the hillsides with Pierry and Epernay.
Before your eyes stretches the typical Champagne landscape of hillside vineyards, whose foothills of the Ile de France coast are today covered with vines on the slopes and topped with deciduous forests on the summit, with the villages established in the middle of the slope.
After Cuis, you descend towards Chouilly through plains and plots of vines.

Epernay Agglo Champagne