deux coupes de champagne dans le ciel bleu champenois

Esprit de champagne: free tasting and shuttle tour

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Champagne producers

On the occasion of your visit to the Tourist Office Epernay en Champagne, 2 Champagne producers will welcome you for a free tasting (always in moderation of course). During this friendly exchange, they will present their terroir, their farm and their wines and you will fully appreciate the diversity of their products and their personalities! Depending on the program, (oeno)tourist actors, food producers, artists or craftsmen will join them. What to discover must-sees, nuggets and unusual!

Provoke the meeting or the discovery!

All of them will share with you the secrets of the Champagne region, their advice and their good addresses, in order to guide you in the discovery of our territory.
Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this genuine gesture of welcome!
And to make your life easier, and Meet our partnerswe offer you shuttles departing from the Tourist Office or the Epernay Campsite … The opportunity for you to visit farms in a comfortable vehicle and take the time to discover without worrying about driving!
To provoke encounters and discoveries, for us this is the Esprit de Champagne!

Alexandre Couvreux
Weekly programme

An event not to be missed

From 23 May to 7 December 2024, in the Tourist Office

La rencontre invites you to discover the partners of the Tourist Office Epernay en Champagne, their activities and their products, during an initiation to free tasting

112 dates scheduled!

Illona Munier

at the tourist office

The Meeting

Organised by the Epernay en Champagne Tourist Office for over 20 years, this summer event is open to all. After a visit to the welcome desk, our tourist advisors invite you to meet or discover winegrowers who are passionate about their work.

In a comfortable exhibition area, come and meet our champagne-producing partners, who will be delighted to offer you a free tasting of their precious beverage. This tasting is an opportunity to learn more about the different cuvées he makes: from the blending process to appreciating the aromas. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions about vineyard work or winemaking – he’s always happy to share his passion.

Whether you’re a couple or a group of friends, this get-together is also an opportunity to discuss how you feel about the same glass of champagne.

Théo Lhomme

Unique & privileged discoveries

From 23 May to 26 October 2024, depart from Epernay en Champagne Tourist Office or Epernay Campsite, Esprit de Champagne La découverte.

La découverte takes you to the partners of the Tourist Office on board a shuttle of 8 people.

Single price: 16€/person – 5€/-18 years old. Transport and service included!

296 departures scheduled!

On reservation at the reception of the Epernay en Champagne Tourist Office or at the Epernay Campsite according to the departures.

Illona Munier
Illona Munier
shuttle buses depart from the tourist office Epernay en Champagne
shuttles depart from the Epernay campsite

In the vineyard

The Discovery

To extend the experience, book a place on one of the shuttles departing from the Tourist Office or the Epernay Campsite, which will take you directly to a producer.

You leave the city behind and head through the vineyards to one of the wine-producing villages, where the winemaker invites you into his home and welcomes you with a glass of champagne to share his passion for his trade.

Depending on the winegrower’s site, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a tasting session or a tour of the cellars and/or vineyards.

There is a charge for registration at the Tourist Office or the Epernay Campsite.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation

Meet our partners Esprit de Champagne La Découverte

Come and discover them at the Epernay en Champagne tourist office.


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