vignoble champenois

The 47 municipalities of the Epernay Agglomeration

Athis commune
marshes classified Natura 2000


To the south and south-east of the land, very well preserved alkaline peat bogs, crossed by the Montjouy stream (the Tranchée), a tributary of the Tarnauds which takes the name of the Black River, downstream from Athis.

To the north of the land, old quarries now form ponds. One area has been preserved as an alluvial forest for its rich biodiversity.

Athis Town Hall
1 Camille Soudant Street
51150 ATHIS
03 26 57 62 94

Bouteille de champagne géante de la commune d'Avise - Epernay tourisme
Commune Avize
Experience the heart of the Côte des Blancs!


Chief town of the canton until 2014, a village with 3 flowers, Avize is the 3rd largest commune in the Agglomeration Community by population (1914 inhabitants).
Located in the heart of the prestigious vineyards of the Côte des Blancs, Avize is home to numerous wine growers, gites and bed and breakfasts. It offers beautiful walks or bike rides through vineyards and forest. The Park Vix, pleasantly arranged offers, in addition to a splendid panorama, a stroll along 3 basins, one of which where you jump from bubble to bubble is an evocation of the flagship product of our village.

AVIZE Town Hall
2 place Charles de Gaulle
51190 AVIZE
03 26 57 54 43

Vue sur le village d'Avize - Epernay tourisme
commune of Bergère-les-vertus
Breathtaking panoramic view


Small typical village of the Champagne vineyard, located on the tourist road of Champagne. Its notoriety is all the more important that it shelters the Mount-Aimé raised to 240m of altitude, testifies of the History of the Counts of Champagne and the Battle of the Marne. During your walk, discover an orientation table and a panoramic view of the Champagne plain.

03 26 52 23 39

Château de Brugny-Vaudancourt - Epernay tourisme
Municipality of Brugny-Vaudancourt
In the heart of the forest


With its traditional wash houses and wine presses and its castle dating from the 13th century, the commune of Brugny-Vaudancourt offers incredible views of the valley on the southern slopes of Epernay. Its majestic forest will offer you exceptional walks!

Brugny-Vaudancourt Town Hall
8 rue de la Mairie
51530 Brugny-Vaudancourt
03 29 59 93 55

Watered by the river


Small village bordered by the Somme-Soude river and a small stream “La Due”, Chaintrix and Bierges were two distinct communes before 1858 and it is Napoleon III who reunified them. Come and take a breath of fresh air by the river!

10 rue de Vélye
51130 Chaintrix Bierges
03 26 66 40 33

The calm of the forests


Come and discover this village nestled in the heart of the Champagne forest, on the edge of the Côte des Blancs. Real place of walks, you will be able to admire the nature and its secrets and to continue your course on the tourist road of champagne.

– Picnic tables: Village square and tennis court
– Petanque court, ping pong table and outdoor tennis court

03 26 52 77 50

Eglise et vignobles - Epernay tourisme
commune of Chavot-Courcourt
Highest point in Champagne


This commune is known for its Saint-Martin Church isolated among a sea of vines and dominating the Cubry valley. This idyllic setting will be a visual delight for everyone who visits. Village with a champagne charm, stroll in the alleys for a walk that will be guaranteed very sparkling!

Equipment :
Church of the XIIth century.
Laundries, wine presses.
Picnic area

Chavot Courcourt Town Hall
Place René-Demarest
03 26 54 31 90

étendue de vignobles - Epernay Tourisme
Municipality of Chouilly
The head in the vines


Chouilly, protected by its small Romanesque church, at its feet, the Tarnauds and the Marne water or flood the plain.
The head in the vineyard!
More than 500 hectares of Chardonnay produce a wine whose quality has made the reputation of this great Champagne region.
A desire for an initiatory visit to Chouilly: the vineyard garden and the wet garden.

Chouilly Town Hall
12 rue Melignon
51530 Chouilly
03 26 55 40 61

hôtel à insectes ville de Clamanges - Epernay tourisme
Municipality of Clamanges


Crossed by the river “Somme”, the village of Clamanges is historic. Between the 14th and 15th centuries, it was home to the illustrious Nicolas de Clamanges, secretary to Pope Benedict XIII and one of the leading French writers and thinkers of his time. For history buffs, the village suffered the fighting of the Battle of the Marne in 1914. This village is a true witness of the past years!

Equipment : soccer field

Clamanges Town Hall
12 Jean Brion Street
51130 Clamanges
03 26 66 44 48

Vines as far as the eye can see


Cramant is located in the heart of the Côte des Blancs and to assert its wine character, it displays an 8.60 meter high bottle of Champagne at the entrance of the village. With its magnificent viewpoint located at the edge of the vineyards and the forest, it is the ideal place to take a break and enjoy the landscape that unfolds before your eyes.

Cramant City Hall
13 place Puisard
03 26 57 54 86

Eglise de village et vignoble - Epernay tourisme
Commune de Cuis
At the edge of the vineyards


Cuis, a wine-growing village with 174 hectares of vineyards, has a 13th century Romanesque church that stands alongside the vineyard. It is a village recognized as a remarkable natural site with its cliffs and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see.

Cuis Town Hall
14 Grande rue
51530 CUIS
03 26 59 78 60

Vue sur la ville de Cumières - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Cumières
Exceptional heritage


Located on the right bank of the Marne and at the foot of the Reims mountain, Cumières is a wine village producing a grand cru and a famous red wine in oak barrels. Discover along the water its heritage, with its 17th century church, its statues representing the work of the vine and the wine and its village.

Cumières City Hall
77 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
03 26 55 32 07

Prairie en Champagne - Epernay Tourisme
commune Ecury le Repos
Place of memory


Ecury-le-Repos remains a strategic place of the Battle of the Marne. It has seen two battles a century apart: the battle of Fère-Champenoise commanded by Tsar Alexander and the King of Prussia Frederick William 1. Then, the First Battle of the Marne on the front line of the Somme.

Écury le Repos Town Hall
9 rue Jean Brion
51230 Ecury le Repos
03 26 57 64 53

commune de Flavigny - Epernay tourisme
commune of Flavigny
Calm and conviviality


Flavigny is a village where the vineyard and the agricultural activity intermingle and where it is good to live. Here reigns the good understanding and a pleasant atmosphere with the orchard planted in 2020 embellished with a soccer field and a petanque court, in which many visitors stop to enjoy a picnic break. The village has a dense heritage, notably with its 13th century church, the church of Saint-Thibault.

03 26 57 55 22

Eglise de la commune de Germinon - Epernay tourisme
commune of Germinon
Plain of greenery


It is a village of 182 inhabitants along the Somme-Soude river, where agriculture is at the heart of the activities of the commune with, in particular, an agricultural cooperative, farms producing cereals, potatoes, endives, agricultural work companies, hen houses, an equestrian center, but also a metal construction craftsman, a carrier. Short circuits are also in the spotlight with two vending machines selling local products, and direct sales of beef. The name Germinon comes from the Latin Germinius, which is the name of an estate. This rural estate depended on the Vertus chateaux. Germinon is a friendly village with a Romanesque church dating back to the 12th century, redesigned in the 16th and 17th centuries, well restored and maintained, a socio-cultural room “Les Auches” and a playground. Germinon has a fire department.

Germinon Town Hall
4 rue des Giraux
03 26 66 45 36



Gionges and the hamlet of Fulaine Saint-Quentin are part of the new commune of Blancs-Coteaux.
It is while walking there that you will discover the natural and patrimonial wealth. A rich history thanks to charismatic personalities: Mrs Yvette LUNDY and Miss Rose DOLAN.

Gionges City Hall
Place de la Mairie – Gionges
03 26 59 37 46

Vue sur la commune de Grauves - Epernay Tourisme
@ commune of Grauves
Sea and land


This commune is known for its hillsides bordering the villages, called “cliffs” because they are steep. It is at their foot that fossils of marine shells were found, evidence of the passage of another species in the region. Make a stop in this beautiful village.

Town hall of grauves
5 rue d’Épernay
03 26 59 71 30

Le Clos Saint Vincent au Mesnil sur Oger - Epernay tourisme
commune of Mesnil-sur-oger
The King Chardonnay


Nestled in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, overlooked by the church of Saint-Nicolas with its remarkable altarpiece, prestigious champagne houses produce an elixir appreciated by fine connoisseurs and enjoyed in the Clos Saint-Vincent, which offers an exceptional view of the Holy of Holies of Champagne Clos.

Town hall of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
2 market place
51190 Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
03 26 57 51 98

In the heart of the plains


In the heart of the plains
It is an agricultural village bordered by vast plains. In the center of the town you can’t miss the Romanesque-Gothic church named St. Helena,
dating from the XIth-XIIth century, is classified as a historical monument! Go and discover, in the north of the commune, where two low hills rise: the Mont Fiéry in the east and the place called Les Maises!

Town Hall Les Istres and Bury
3 rue de la Riviere
03 26 51 05 88

Entrée du parc naturel régional de la montagne de reims - ville de Magenta
commune of Magenta
Where it is good to live...


A pleasant living environment on the banks of the Marne, in the heart of the Champagne region.
Magenta has health services, local shops, businesses, a kindergarten, a primary school, a daycare center, an ALSH, a pleasant library as well as a multitude of sports/cultural associations with indoor/outdoor sports facilities and an accessible playground.

Marie de Magenta
1 rue Paul Gravet
51530 Magenta

Paysage au bord de l'eau, commune de Mancy - Epernay Tourisme
Municipality of Mancy
Through an ocean of vines


The flowered village (3 flowers) of Mancy awaits you to discover its streets, its small eponymous stream as well as its Romanesque church. In the hollow of the valley, the village is nestled in an ocean of vines. The commune belongs to the Champagne vineyards of the southern slopes of Épernay. The magnificent hillsides can be admired from a landscaped viewpoint.

Mancy Town Hall
Main Street
51530 Mancy
03 26 59 70 70

vue sur le vignoble champenois de Mardeuil - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Mardeuil
in MARDEUIL, everything for your welcome ...


From the sportsman to the hedonist, through culture and natural environments, relaxation and pleasure will be your program!

Mardeuil City Hall
1 bis rue Jean Jaurès
03 26 55 24 20

Façade de la mairie de Monthelon - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Monthelon
Why not Monthelon?


In the heart of the vineyard, between Epernay and the Côte des Blancs, make a detour to the village of Monthelon!
Perched between vineyards and forest, discover its viewpoint with an incomparable panorama, ideal for a nature picnic.
Stroll through the streets of the village and meet its winegrowers who will be happy to welcome you.

Monthelon City Hall
8 rue Henri Martin
03 26 59 70 00

A cocoon of greenery


This village is not only animated by the vineyards but also by the pastures and the woods which occupy a large place. While strolling in this cocoon of greenery, you will be able to see an old wash house and the fountain.

Morangis City Hall
2 rue des Prés-Marrais
03 26 59 75 90

Eglise de la commune de Moussy en Champagne - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Moussy
At the foot of the forest


Moussy is located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, at the foot of the forest of Épernay. The village is totally enclosed in the vineyard, about 134 hectares running on the hillsides, the village of Moussy is crossed by a small river called “le Cubry”. During your walk and at mealtime, make yourself comfortable on the picnic area present in the town to enjoy with family, couple or friends.

Moussy Town Hall
Henri-Baronna Square
51530 MOUSSY
Tel : 03 26 54 04 43
Mail :

Façade de la mairie d'Oger - Epernay tourisme
Municipality of Oger
From sparkling to romantic!


Oger, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, is part of the new commune Blancs-Coteaux, on the Champagne tourist route.
Oger is a village renowned for its numerous national and European flower awards. It welcomes you around its “National Nature Reserve” pastures.
A detour near its Church to admire its garden Sr Odette PREVOST and the residence of Leon BOURGEOIS, Nobel Peace Prize.

Oger Town Hall
Place de la Mairie – Oger
03 26 57 54 31

commune de Oiry
commune of Oiry
Chardonnay Country


Oiry, a village with 3 flowers, is both a wine-growing and agricultural commune. It is crossed by the river “Les Tarnauds”. While strolling through the village, you will be able to admire the wash houses dating from the 19th century. There is a part of the Champagne vineyard belonging to the Côte des Blancs which is mainly made up of the Chardonnay grape variety.

Oiry City Hall
2, Rue Jules Ferry
51530 OIRY
Phone :
Mail :

image de la commune de Pierre-Morains - Epernay tourisme
In the heart of the Champagne plain


Pierre-Morains is a municipality located in the Champagne plain and was formerly called Petrus-Morain.
It was difficult for the small town to escape the great maneuvers of September 10, 1815 that took place on its territory. During the First World War, the village was burned. Pierre-Morains is an essentially agricultural community, but it is also a dynamic and friendly place through its various associations and events.

Pierre-Morains City Hall
Place de la Mairie
03 26 52 26 62

A sparkling destination


Pierry is a village located on the southern slopes of Epernay, its history is particularly linked to that of champagne and especially to the brother Oudart, a contemporary of the famous Dom Pérignon in the handling of the first wines of Champagne.

Pierry City Hall
Place du Général Leclerc
51530 PIERRY
03 26 54 03 15

Mairie de la commune de Plivot - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Plivot
Between plains and vineyards


This location, between the plain and the valley of the Marne, makes this village a privileged place of passage. Crossed by the Tarnauds river, Plivot offers places to relax and walks 100% green. Plivot belongs to the geological region of chalky Champagne.

Plivot City Hall
2 rue Maréchal de Lattre De Tassigny
51150 PLIVOT
03 26 57 68 00

Commune de Pocancy - Epernay tourisme
Commune de Pocancy
The rural charm


Crossed by the Somme-Soude river, the commune is located in the heart of the Champagne countryside and has several emblematic places and buildings of the commune. Come and discover their 12th century gothic church, their remarkable castle and mill, as well as the two war memorials of the Great War and the Second World War.

Pocancy City Hall
Church Street
51130 Pocancy
03 26 70 93 74

As close to nature as possible


Rouffy is crossed by the river Berle, which passes to the south of the village, while strolling you can enjoy a bubble resourcing in the heart of nature.

Rouffy Town Hall
1 rue de la Mairie
51130 ROUFFY
03 26 64 51 93

Sunny destination


Soulières takes its name from “Solanus” and “Solaris” which mean “sunny”. You will stroll through the streets and alleys of a sunny territory that has evolved over time. Indeed, thanks to the numerous springs coming down from the plateau and drawing the relief with the seasons, this allows this charming village to renew itself unceasingly and to reveal new secrets with each visit.

Soulières Town Hall
Place St Martin
03 26 52 19 18

Paysage de la commune de Saint Mard les Rouffy - Epernay Tourisme
Commune de Saint Mard Les Rouffy
Typical destination


St Mard les Rouffy is a commune built on a Gallo-Roman site and is full of history. Notably thanks to its church which has the particularity of not having a bell tower and thus arouses the interest of its visitors, as well as a statue of St. Medard solicited for rallies.

Town hall of Saint Mard les Rouffy
30 rue de Champagne
Tel : 03 26 68 94 85
Mail :

Eglise de Trécon - Epernay Tourisme
Commune de Trécon
Historical stop


Trécon remains a strategic place of the Battle of Fère Champenoise. During your excursion, make a stop at the Church of St. Martin, which houses a wooden sculpture representing “The Charity of St. Martin”. This sculpture is classified as a historical monument.

Town hall of Trecon
6 Mélina Grosjean Street
51130 TRECON
03 26 67 77 93

Chateau de la ville d'Aulnay - Epernay tourisme
commune of Val-des-marais


Located around the marshes of Saint Gond and at the foot of Mont Aimé in the Champagne plain.
The commune was created in 1977 by the merger of 4 communes: Aulnay aux Planches, Aulnizeux, Coligny and Morains.
Val-des-Marais is located on the tourist road of Champagne.

Val des Marais Town Hall
16 rue de Saint Gond Coligny
51130 Val des Marais

commune de Vélye - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Vélye
walks along the Somme-Soude


Charming little village full of history, today an attractive and dynamic rural commune, Vélye (or “Vlye” for the locals) is crossed by the Somme-Soude. The preservation of biodiversity and nature are at the heart of everyone’s concerns.

VÉLYE Town Hall
1 rue de l’église

Château de la Gravelle Commune de Vert-Toulon - Epernay tourisme
Municipality of Vert-Toulon


The communes of Vert la Gravelle and Toulon la Montagne joined together on October 18, 1973 and took the name of Vert-Toulon. Commune located at 3 kms from the marshes of St Gond and clinging to the Mont Charmont (210m) which dominates the old Château de la Gravelle. Vert Toulon has a water mill on the small Morain, which waters a large meadow and which flows into the Marais de St Gond. Its inhabitants are called Verats and Verates. Its territory extends over 2204 hectares of which 96 hectares are vineyards.

Vert-Toulon City Hall
Place de la mairie
51130 Vert-Toulon
03 26 52 21 17

commune de Vertus
Small medieval city


Vertus, a small medieval city, located in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, is part of the new commune of Blancs-Coteaux, on the tourist route of Champagne
The native town of the poet Eustache DESCHAMPS, a historical tour will guide you through the circuit of the alleys, from the Baudet gate, to the wash houses and fountains, to the Saint-Martin Church overlooking its large lake “Le Puit St Martin”.

Vertus Town Hall
Place de la Mairie – Vertus
Tel : 03 26 52 12 97
Mail :

A territory with many facets


Villeseneux has known 29 different spellings, Villeseneux means “Sacred City” or “Old Home”. The village is crossed by the river “La Somme” and allows you to recharge your batteries during various walks. Villeseneux has a church on which it is possible to admire its Romanesque nave.

Villeseneux Town Hall
Place de la Mairie
03 26 66 41 06

Strength in numbers


It is the story of a union of three municipalities that have merged since 1858 and each have their own history. During your walk you will be able to admire two mills of the past, the one of Chevigny and the one of Renneville.

Villeneuve – Renneville-Chevigny Town Hall
School Street
03 26 52 27 44

Effervescent territory


In Vinay we invite you to share its curiosities and legends. Discover while walking the stone of Saint-Mamert or the legend of the Belle du Cubry, river crossing the village.

03 26 66 41 06

Vue sur l'Etang de Voipreux - Epernay tourisme
commune of Voipreux
Champagne atmosphere


Voipreux, located in the heart of the Cote des Blancs, is part of the new commune of Blancs-Coteaux, on the tourist route of Champagne
It is a village offering a pleasant living environment thanks to its flowers, its pond with its picnic area and its heritage.
A soft path (bicycle path) allows safe access to the numerous and varied sports facilities of Blancs-Coteaux.

Voipreux Town Hall
Avenue de l’Europe – Voipreux
03 26 52 63 44