14 unmissable cellar tours around Epernay!

Dive into unsuspected treasures

Champagne houses with cellars

Mysterious and enchanting, the Champagne cellars form an exceptional setting for a timeless visit. Sheltered by their chalky vaults, several dozen meters underground, millions of bottles lie waiting to be tasted one day. Dive into the heart of unsuspected treasures around Epernay, in the prestigious galleries of great houses or in the intimate cellars of passionate winemakers!

Vincent Thijs
opens the doors of its cellars

Champagne Guy Charbaut - Mareuil-sur-Aÿ - AŸ-CHAMPAGNE

In the heart of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Champagne Guy Charbaut opens the doors of its cellars for an exceptional visit. Accompanied by a guide, you can tour the cellars 25 meters beneath the chalk on the banks of the Canal Latéral de la Marne, before sampling the different cuvées in the range. Visits are by appointment only, Tuesday to Saturday at 10am. Tastings available during the week and by appointment on Sunday mornings.

Champagne Michel Mailliard
initiation to the art of tasting

Champagne Michel Mailliard - Vertus - BLANCS-COTEAUX

Head for Vertus, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, to visit the Michel Mailliard Champagne cellar, listed as a historic monument. Immerse yourself in this very special land where the chalk outcrops! The Mailliard family will also be delighted to introduce you to the art of tasting in their dedicated workshop. Reservations required.

Champagne J.M. Tissier - CHAVOT-COURCOURT
A vineyard that respects nature

Champagne J.M. Tissier - CHAVOT-COURCOURT

Lovers of the vine, the Tissiers passionately perpetuate a know-how handed down from father to son. On the southern slopes of Epernay, in the charming village of Chavot-Courcourt, they cultivate the vine like a garden to reveal its essence in a remarkable collection of cuvées. The estate is open every day (reservation required), for tasting or purchases in the boutique.

Alexandre Couvreux Photographer
magnificent century-old winery

Champagne House Alfred Gratien - EPERNAY

Discover the secrets behind the making of Champagne Alfred Gratien on this fascinating tour! Just a stone’s throw from Epernay town center, everything has been designed to welcome you, from the superb wine library to the magnificent century-old winery, emblematic of the House. The tour takes you 18 meters underground, where thousands of bottles rest in over 1 km of chalk-cut cellars. The tour ends in the Boutique du Chai, where a tasting of Alfred Gratien champagnes awaits you.

Champagne Mercier
Board the famous little train

Maison de Champagne Mercier - EPERNAY

A must-see on the legendary Avenue de Champagne, Maison Mercier invites you on a unique cellar tour! Climb aboard the famous little train to explore the 18 km of galleries dug 30 m deep beneath the estate’s vines. Several tour options are available, depending on the time you have available or the cuvées you wish to taste at the end of the tour. An unforgettable experience in one of Epernay’s great houses!

Visit the cellar and the emblematic wine press

Champagne Joseph Desruets - HAUTVILLERS

Heir to generations of winegrowers since 1888, Joseph Desruets is home to precious know-how in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage-listed hillsides. In Hautvillers, the village of Dom Pérignon, she invites you to plunge into the cradle of champagne on a wine tour. What’s on the agenda? Visit the cellar and the emblematic Darcq Flamain wine press, enjoy a tasting session and immerse yourself in a winegrowing operation!

Champagne Tanneux-Mahy
an interactive tour of the different stages

Champagne Tanneux-Mahy - MARDEUIL

Sharing winemaking expertise with champagne lovers is what drives the Tanneux-Mahy family every day. Located in Mardeuil, a winegrowing village near Epernay, the Maison offers an interactive tour of the different stages in champagne production, from pressing to stainless steel vatting, cooperage, cellar and packaging. Each tour ends with a tasting session.

Champagne Dom Caudron
Take a look at the old presses and the vat house from the 6 m high footbridge...

Champagne Dom Caudron - PASSY-GRIGNY

Champagne Dom Caudron flourishes on the right bank of the Marne Valley, 30 minutes from Epernay, in the charming village of Passy-Grigny. Nestled in the midst of this ocean of vines, the House reveals the secrets behind the elaboration of its champagnes during themed tasting tours. You’ll have the chance to see the old presses, contemplate the winery from the 6-metre-high footbridge, or view the 3D photo gallery with the help of special glasses!

gourmet tours, tastings accompanied by Fossier cookies or artisan chocolates

Champagne Vollereaux - PIERRY

Champagne Vollereaux is first and foremost a family affair. That of passionate winemakers who are keen to help you discover their terroir and know-how during special events. Meet us in Pierry, just outside Epernay, for a cellar tour followed by a tasting. The Maison also offers gourmet tours, with tastings accompanied by Fossier cookies or handmade chocolates!

Several tour options are available, the most spectacular of which is a hot-air balloon flight over the vineyards.

Champagne Cuillier Père et Fils - POUILLON

In Pouillon, in the Saint-Thierry massif, 40 km from Epernay, Maison Cuillier Père & Fils creates artisan champagnes on a sandy terroir. The winegrowing family welcomes you to the estate all year round to share their philosophy of organic viticulture and agroforestry. Several tour options are available, including the most spectacular of all: a hot-air balloon flight over the vineyards with passionate pilot Patrick Cuillier!

Champagne Pierre-Pinard
a guided tour of the pressing center, winery and cellar, followed by a tasting session

Champagne Pierre Pinard - SÉZANNE

Sézanne is an architectural gem in the Champagne region! In the heart of its sun-drenched hillsides, Champagne Pierre Pinard produces cuvées of character. The House invites you to immerse yourself in the world of champagne, with a guided tour of the pressing center, vat room and cellar, followed by a tasting. If you’re passionate about oenology, opt for a sensory tasting or one dedicated to the art of blending!

Champagne Guy De Chassey
discover the hand-dug cellars and the know-how handed down through 7 generations

Champagne Guy de Chassey - Louvois - VAL DE LIVRE

Head for the Montagne de Reims and the charming village of Louvois, where Champagne Guy de Chassey nestles in the heart of the Val de Livre. In this bucolic setting, between vineyards and forests, Marie-Odile de Chassey and her daughter Ingrid sublimate an exceptional terroir through prestigious cuvées. Book your visit and discover the hand-dug cellars and the know-how inherited from 7 generations, before enjoying a “Tradition” or “Premium” tasting.

Champagne B. Hennequin
the estate offers magnificent views over the Marne Valley

Champagne B. Hennequin - VENTEUIL

The Hennequin family has been growing vines in Venteuil since 1722! Come and discover Champagne B. Hennequin, 10 km from Epernay, and share the passion of our winemakers. Situated on a hillside, the estate offers magnificent panoramic views over the Marne Valley. The perfect finishing touch to a highly enjoyable tasting tour!

Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon
a captivating tour that takes you from vine to bottle of champagne!

Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon - VERZENAY

Heirs to a Grand Cru terroir, Frédérique and Cédric Lahémade are happy to continue the family winegrowing adventure in Verzenay, a village perched on the Montagne de Reims. In this idyllic setting, they practice sustainable viticulture and do everything themselves, like craftsmen. Discover Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon on a captivating tour that takes you from vine to bottle of champagne!