Châteaux de Sacy

The most beautiful castles in Epernay and its villages

Cultural emblems

Treasures of the Champagne heritage

What could be more romantic than a visit to a castle in the heart of an ocean of vines? In and around Epernay, the castles, mansions and many other beautifully restored monuments are true cultural emblems for the region. Travel through history and discover the treasures of the Champagne heritage!

Musée du vin et d'archéologie régionale à Epernay

Historical monument

The Château Perrier

In the center of Epernay, on the prestigious Avenue de Champagne, the Château Perrier is a must-see among the architectural beauties of the city. Classified as a historical monument since 2013, it now houses the Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology Museum. Totally renovated during more than 2 years of work, it displays interior decorations of exceptional splendor. If you don’t have time to visit the museum during your weekend or family day, enter the main courtyard and stroll through the magnificent park of the castle, open for free access.

Splendid buildings

Other remarkable castles are worth a look in the villages around Epernay, in Boursault, Pierry, Louvois or Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. These splendid buildings have known several lives in Champagne and remain today luxurious residences, places of prestige and representation. These castles are closed to the public but you can admire them during a romantic stroll in the heart of the vineyard!

Guide devant musée Epernay

Some castles to discover

façade château (c)Ville Epernay (7)

Musée du vin de Champagne et d'Archéologie régionale

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Château de Brugny Vaudancourt

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Château de Louvois

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