The Champagne

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Elaboration of the champagne

Discover the secrets of champagne making

On the spot, you will have the chance to live in immersion all the different stages of the elaboration of champagne. Places to visit or unusual activities to share, you will know everything about the mysterious secrets of champagne making. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make your stay sparkle!

Champagne has been made in the same way for centuries in Champagne and nowhere else. From the manual harvest to the disgorgement, its production always follows the same process.

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A unique experience

Each champagne house, cooperative and winemaker has its own specificities of reception and wine elaboration. Visit the estate, taste the wines or sell them directly. 100% champagne and unique experience. Learn new secrets with each visit!

The 3 main grape varieties of Champagne

The nature of the terroir and our soils have guided the selection of the grape varieties best suited to Champagne. Today, three grape varieties are in the majority: Pinot noir, Meunier and Chardonnay.

The Pinot Noir

It is present at 38% in our Champagne vineyard. Its specificity is to be vinified in white. The grapes are pressed directly to obtain a white juice. Pinot Noir brings structure and power to the blends.

Le Meunier

It is present at 32% in our Champagne vineyard. Its specificity, it produces black berries with white flesh whose sweet juice is almost colorless. In the blending of champagne, it is essentially used to give roundness and suppleness to the wine.

Le Chardonnay

It is present at the level of 30% in our Champagne vineyard. The specificity of this variety is that it gives all its freshness to the champagne. It brings vivacity, elegance and character to the blends.

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