Champagne of celebrities

Champagne and royalty

If the delicacy of Champagne is invited to the tables of the greatest, this has been going on for several centuries! Before today’s big names bought certain vineyards, or before others decided to name certain vintages after them, the flagship product of French wine heritage was first consumed by kings. From nobles, princes and kings to celebrities from the world of cinema and contemporary music, let yourself be carried away by a captivating history whose anecdotes will not fail to amaze and astound you!

This effervescent and delicious wine, synonymous with celebration and sharing, has a The history of this beverage is closely linked to that of the kings of France : they are the ones who will make the richness and excellence of this beverage known, and they will be its best representatives throughout the world.
It is until the Middle Ages that the religious take care of the vine, in the Christian countries, where the wine is first consumed during the mass! And it is in particular thanks to the famous bishop of Reims, Saint Rémi, that the king Clovis is baptized when he converts in 496. It is then that he becomes the first king of France to be baptized in Champagne and it is during this same moment that this prestigious wine will be consumed to celebrate the event.
This opens the door, centuries later, to the coronations of many other kings in the city of Rheims, in the heart of the Champagne region, between 898 and 1825: the ceremonies that followed were, according to historians, always accompanied by this precious nectar flowing freely in order to marry this unique flavor to that of their feasts!

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Creation of a wine of excellence

But what would be the stars of champagne and Champagne without the famous monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, a name present on many tables and a perfect ally for a successful festive atmosphere? This legend comes from Hautvillers, near the town of Épernay, in the 17th century. This monk first set himself the goal of restoring the cellars, the presses and the wine cellars. He continued to create the best wine possible. His method of blending grape varieties became a true reference in the wine industry, which we still use!

But we can’t talk about famous champagne lovers without mentioning the famous Henri IV. He was a major player in the influence of this refined wine because he was known to be a bon vivant, enjoying champagne on several occasions.
It was during the coronation of King Louis XIV that champagne was made official and recognized as the wine of the coronations at the Court of France in Reims, in 1654.

All over the world

Champagne and foreign countries

This love of champagne is not only found among French kings and nobles, but all over the world! For example, the Tsar Alexander II of Russia did not hide this attraction, he had champagne delivered in abundance according to his desires and decided to make crystal bottles for his own consumption.
In England, the English monarchs were, like King Edward VII, fervent consumers of this drink that they liked to describe as “so Frenchy”, just like the current Queen of England Elizabeth II.

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The Droners

Champagne and contemporary stars

Centuries go by … and it is the turn of contemporary celebrities to fall in love with champagne! And it is particularly the American stars who are solicited to promote the biggest brands of this drink. They want to attract a younger audience, and it works! By collaborating with celebrities close to the young audience, they succeed. The Dom Pérignon brand, for example, has collaborated with the talented Lady Gaga in 2021, releasing colorful, pop-star looking bottles. A 100% virtual event that comes with an exclusive piece: a jeroboam dressed by the artist herself limited to 110 exclusive pieces and whose profits were donated to the foundation of Lady Gaga. This is not the first time that this brand has called upon a world-renowned personality, as in 2007 it solicited the touch of the fashion genius: Karl Lagerfeld. It is in a box signed by the artist that are gathered six of the most precious vintages, which testify of a luxurious madness!
On the other hand, the LVMH group has undertaken in 2009 a collaboration with an outstanding actress: Scarlett Johansson, muse of the Moët & Chandon champagne house. The American actress lent her glamorous look to the brand’s image by posing at the Trianon!

A beverage that shines on the international scene

A nectar at the side of the stars

Still on the side of the stars of the American cinema, it is recently Brad Pitt, who already owns plots in the South of France, who fixes his choice on the champagne. Alongside the Peters family and the Perrin family, he announces the release of their second edition: ER2 (Exclusively Rosé).

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Common values

After him, it is the turn of the great and unique Leonardo DiCaprio to become a shareholder of a champagne house! And it is the Telmont house, located in Damery, which announces its arrival. With their project entitled “Au Nom de la Terre”, a project that aims to produce in a more sustainable way, it is no surprise that the actor committed to the preservation of the environment has joined the brand!

It is the turn of the producer and rapper Jay-Z to boost sales of a special cuvee created by Jean Cattier: Armand de Brignac. The artist used to put forward bottles of champagne in his video clips! He had already set his sights on another brand, Louis Champagne Cristal-Roederer, until a disagreement between the two occurred. It was after this event that he decided to create his own bottle! Since then, he has been actively promoting his own vintage with the help of his wife Beyonce, which is causing a stir especially in nightclubs and trendy places.

Historical legacy

Journey through time

In the same genre as Jay-Z, it is the turn of the RnB and pop star Mariah Carey to take over the delicious nectar. She created her own brand of champagne called Angel, with a bottle decorated with golden angel wings. She spreads it through her clips, as well as in those of other artists and friends!

Champagne is a historical heritage that has become famous in the region, thanks to its loyal clientele. Over the centuries it has become the star of the stars! And as Georges Sand once said, “Champagne helps you to marvel”… which our ancestors and contemporaries did.