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Preservation of our local biodiversity

The Epernay region is actively working to preserve local biodiversity:

An Atlas of Communal Biodiversity (ABC) has been developed by the City of Epernay: discover this natural heritage through two routes along the banks of the Marne and along the green corridor, a planted walk along the Cubry river, created in 2017

The City of Epernay has also turned to a more sustainable and varied flowering, which limits seasonal flowering to strategic axes and places and develops a persistent and evolving plant pattern with the seasons. Since 2014, the City of Epernay has been practicing late mowing on 15 sites (soit 11 hectares). This natural method consists of letting the vegetation grow in certain areas to facilitate the development of fauna and flora.

Finally, the City of Epernay is rehabilitating its parks and squares, and the two historic parks were awarded the Remarkable Garden label in 2011: Horticulture Park and the City Hall. Nelson Mandela Park won the gold medal in the Urban Park category at the 2014 Victoires du Paysages.