en famille chez pressoria

In the family

Famille au musée d'Epernay
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer


Go on a journey of discovery

Visit places full of history, full of secrets about the making of champagne and take an adventurous trip to discover the wines of kings through a unique sensory journey at PRESSORIA.
Why not also take a ride on the tethered balloon for a breathtaking view of the whole city! Thus, linking the city of champagne and children is possible and you will even enjoy it!

Champagne is much more than a weekend destination, it is a region to explore and in the simplest way possible: with your family! To guide you in the organization of your stay, here are some ideas to discover the richness of the famous city of Épernay, capital of champagne and its villages . It is home to treasures and resources of the Champagne region that should not be missed during your stay in our region!

Family memory maker

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