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Beautiful memories

Epernay and its charming villages

Children are kings, especially on vacation, and they want to let off steam, have fun, laugh while enjoying with you or with new local friends. So to make live beautiful moments and that they keep beautiful memories with you and in our sparkling destination that is Epernay and its charming villages, we have compiled the perfect activities for your next family trip. You will see, mixing cultural visits, wine tourism, nature and fun activities, it’s possible!

Mont Bernon
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Adventurer in the wild

Mount Bernon

Go to Mont Bernon which is an atypical park located on the heights of the city.  It will offer you a panoramic view of the vineyard. Visual spectacle guaranteed in front of this ocean of vines where your children will be able to run and have fun in total freedom!  Below, you can see  the Avenue de Champagne and the historic hillsides listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

It allows, after climbing a few steps, to enjoy a clearing arranged around trees. A playful area for children with sound games and a course on logs and a zip line. Go on an adventure and take your baskets, several picnic tables allow you to have lunch or to come and taste it with your family.

An exceptional and unique experience

The bird farm

Come and discover a real colorful and moving ballet demonstrating the richness, diversity and beauty of birds and flowers! Meet about 400 exotic birds and stroll through the floral park composed of 300 rosebushes. In the barnyard with a view from above thanks to a 2 meter high bridge, you can quietly admire the species.

Nestled around a coach house dating from the 17th century, the Ferme aux Oiseaux Exotiques in Athis, a charming village in Champagne, invites you to live an exceptional and unique experience, for an immersive world tour, in the heart of an exceptional collection of exotic birds and plants.

ferme aux oiseaux
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cave aux coquillages
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Fleury la Rivière

La Cave aux coquillages

Appointment in Fleury la Rivière at the Cave aux coquillages. An incredible experience awaits you in the cellars of the Champagne House Legrand Latour duringa geological underground tour in the limestone soils of Champagne. Magnificent fossil shells of remarkable quality are revealed to you and are presented in the rock as they were discovered. Go and investigate and discover the secrets of the treasures of our past lands!

Alexandre COUVREUX
Melt for a luxury chocolate

Chocolate Workshops

Signed Xavier Thibaut in Pierry to succumb to the desire to taste all the sweet treats of this great and talented chocolatier. Exquisite!

An educational expedition into the world of champagne

Bubble Meadow

Come and discover the magical world of Champagne thanks to an ingenious and very creative electronic show that combines the enchantment of Champagne with the new sceenographic technologies. Let Créabulle, our little robot narrator, tell you the fabulous history of Champagne.

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