En solo dans le vignoble


The Champagne

An unforgettable experience

Thanks to its history, the Champagne region is known all over the world for its main specialty: champagne.
During your visit to Épernay, book a visit to the cellars to discover all the secrets of this famous and sparkling drink!

The people of Épernay will give you a warm welcome and will be happy to help you explore the treasures of the city.
You will spend an unforgettable weekend rich in emotions and meetings.

Paysage de la Champagne - Marne - Epernay Tourisme
Les Droners

Need serenity and relaxation?

The Marne is nearby, allowing you to you to stroll along the water’s edge in an exceptional setting between the plains and the vineyards.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy an impromptu picnic in the unique landscape of vineyards that are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Everything is set up to make sure you have the best time with us!

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