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A family weekend in Epernay: top 10 activities

surprises for young and old

A family weekend in Epernay: top 10 activities

Welcome to the land of bubbles! Epernay is the ideal destination for a family weekend. Sparkling and surprising, the Champagne Capital has plenty of surprises in store for young and old alike! Paleontological exploration, an interactive museum visit, an escape game or a day at the amusement park – here’s a selection of activities that will make your children’s eyes shine.

cave aux coquillages
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an underground world

La Cave aux Coquillages

Plunge into the heart of a fascinating underground world, populated by incredible fossils! La Cave aux Coquillages is a real paleontological experience, with a collection of fossils millions of years old. An exceptional natural treasure that you can admire in Fleury-la-Rivière, alongside your little explorers!

A sensational activity

Ballon d'Epernay

You’ve probably already seen the animated film Upstairs with your children? Why not offer them a Champagne version of this wonderful adventure with the Ballon d’Epernay? Come aboard this tethered balloon for a flight more than 150 metres above Epernay and its vineyards! A sensational activity that’s accessible to all, and a must-try for the whole family.

en famille chez pressoria
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a captivating scenography


More than a museum, Pressoria is a sensory interpretation center for Champagne wines. A rather complicated name for your little ones, who will certainly be more interested in the idea of a sensory journey with the whole family! And that’s exactly what Pressoria offers: a captivating scenography and a playful experience in the heart of Aÿ-Champagne. Here, your children will be able to touch, smell and listen… to better understand the mysteries of the king of wines!

route des enfants
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in the sumptuous setting of Château Perrier

Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology Museum

Another not-to-be-missed cultural site to visit with your tribe: the Musée du Vin de Champagne et d’Archéologie Régionale. Located in the heart of the prestigious Avenue de Champagne, in the sumptuous setting of Château Perrier, this exceptional museum houses many treasures. The mammoth tusks in the Archaeology collection will be a big hit with your children, as will the samurai armor in the Collectors & Patrons trail!

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get your hands dirty... or rather, in the chocolate!

Vincent Dallet school: chocolate workshop

Are you a family of gourmets? So you’re sure to enjoy getting your hands dirty… or rather, in the chocolate! Having settled in Epernay over 30 years ago, chocolatier Vincent Dallet has opened his School, a place where he shares his passion and expertise. You’ll learn all about the life of a chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the delicious candy. Here, everything is done to make you feel at home!

Julien Chopin
A thrilling experience

Escape game "À la volée" from Champagne Julien Chopin

Do you like to play games and take on challenges as a family? Join us at Domaine Julien Chopin, a 3-generation winemaker in Monthelon, for a high-flying escape game! In an unusual, scenographic setting, you’ll have to solve a number of riddles to discover the secrets of Julien Chopin’s legendary champagne blend. A thrilling experience for your children (aged 9 and over)!

Dans le cadre charmant de l’ancienne école du village, cette famille de récoltant-manipulant et vignerons indépendants se fera un plaisir de vous raconter son terroir et son savoir-faire
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old village school

Champagne Piot-Sevillano and its École Buissonnière

You wouldn’t normally encourage your children to play hooky, of course. But Champagne Piot-Sevillano is an exception to the rule! In the charming setting of the old village school, this family of independent harvesters and winemakers will be delighted to tell you all about their terroir and know-how. Bonus for parents at the end of the tour: a well-deserved tasting with a magnificent panorama of the Marne Valley!

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exceptional bird collection

The Exotic Bird Farm

There’s nothing like a trip to a zoo or wildlife park during a family holiday! In Athis, near Epernay, a unique visit awaits you at the Ferme aux Oiseaux Exotiques. A floral park tucked away out of sight in a 17th-century coaching inn. Come and admire Christiane and Joël Brisson’s exceptional collection of birds in the heart of this exotic Champagne paradise!

le parc d’attractions ! Celui de Grinyland, à environ 30 km d’Epernay, vous ouvre ses portes pour une sortie mémorable en pleine nature
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a world of activities and shows


Another must for family outings during the vacations: amusement parks! Grinyland, around 30 km from Epernay, opens its doors to you for a memorable outing in the heart of nature. Come and meet Griny and his gang of elves for an exciting day of activities and shows. Rides, boat rides, water trains… the perfect opportunity to create great memories with your children!

a series of 100% moment-activating steps

To take your ideas further

With this itinerary, the experiences we offer have all been designed with families in mind! Walk, cycle and explore the region’s secret corners and local nuggets! Activities that take you on exotic journeys and into surprising worlds to discover the & Champagne region.