Discover Verdun

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A 3,000 year old city

But Verdun is above all a 3000 year old city, chosen by the grandsons of Charlemagne, in 843, to share the empire of their grandfather by the famous Treaty of Verdun.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the oldest in Europe.

You will be able to find traces dating from the prehistoric era to the 1870 war by visiting the Princerie museum.

A warm and welcoming city

Do you know the specialty of Verdun? It is none other than the dragée. You can discover the secrets of the manufacturing process by visiting the factory.

Thanks to the Meuse river which crosses Verdun, you can also walk or cycle on the towpath. (Electrically assisted bicycles can be rented at the tourist office).

Verdun is alive with these many events such as the Trail of the Trenches, the Venetian Carnival, the show From Flames to Light, the Grand Festival, the Exhibition Fair.

Verdun is warm with its Quai de Londres where a festive atmosphere reigns. Sit on its terraces and enjoy a good time. You will understand why Verdun has been ranked as the 7th most welcoming city in France on booking .

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