route des enfants

Route des Familles

A family adventure

The Family Route

With the Route des Familles, the Tourist Office offers families the chance to discover a series of stops in the heart of Epernay-en-Champagne that are 100% conducive to unique moments that can be enjoyed with your children.

For your next family outing or weekend away, are you looking for an original activity to do with the kids, or one that’s downright unusual? Who says you have to go to the other side of the world to experience great adventures? Champagne offers a fabulous diversity of landscapes, cultures, heritages, fun activities and flavors, so your whole family will find their favorite playground!

The experiences we offer have all been designed with families in mind! Walk, cycle and explore the region’s secret corners and local nuggets! Activities that take you on exotic journeys and into surprising worlds to discover the & Champagne region.

So let’s welcome you to Epernay en Champagne!

Route des Familles
Ballon d'Epernay
Take to the skies at a height of 150 metres!

Ballon d'Epernay

The Ballon Captif, located in the heart of the Champagne Capital, offers visitors of all ages a moment of escape, lifting them 150 meters into the air.
This gentle, light ride offers panoramic views of the entire city, including the famous Avenue de Champagne and its mansions, as well as the Champagne vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This exceptional attraction will take your breath away!

In the event of inclement weather, this experience can be carried out using a virtual reality headset. Visitors can enjoy the panorama with their feet firmly on the ground.

Route des Familles
Epernay Agglo Champagne
Enjoy a little refreshment


In Epernay, Bulléo is the perfect place for water sports and relaxation. From baby swimmers to yoga and aqua-bike, there’s sure to be a class for you! Come and enjoy a 6-pool aquatic area, a fitness area and a wellness area all year round.

More info :
– Bulléo : 03 26 53 35 60 –

Epernay Agglo Champagne
Dive into the deep end


In Blancs-Coteaux (Vertus), Neptune is a space for toddlers and seniors alike. Everyone can come and spend a few hours in the water or in the completely redesigned garden. The pool welcomes you for activities, relaxation or events!

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become real archaeologists

The shell cellar

La Cave aux Coquillages is a journey back in time to when Champagne was under a warm, tropical sea, 45 million years ago. A witness to this marine environment remains: a sand deposit inside which animals that once existed in this tropical context, notably shellfish, are excellently preserved.

Among them is a giant marine snail, Campanile giganteum, with a shell 40 to 60cm long, a spectacular and emblematic witness to the Lutetian period in Champagne.

At La Cave aux Coquillages, you’ll discover an entire seabed, with fossils displayed and showcased right where they were discovered, on an underground trail of galleries dug into this fossiliferous sand deposit.

Described as an “unusual cellar”, the shell fossils are left in the context in which they were discovered, just shown in their natural environment of 45 million years ago.
A guided tour takes you through the galleries that tell the story of our geological heritage.

To round off your visit, you can also take part in fossil research workshops at an excavation site, where you can learn how to prepare fossils in the laboratory, in small groups and by prior arrangement. We practice the research, patience and meticulousness needed to clean and enhance the fossils extracted from the galleries.

route des familles
Château de Condé
immerse yourself in the world of this chateau

Château de Condé

The Château de Condé offers a wide range of activities for young visitors and families.

  • The audio-guided tour :

La Fée Clarine accompanies families on a self-guided tour of the château with the “Il était une fois le château de Condé” audio guide. Fun and recommended for children aged 10 and over, families can relive the history of the castle and its famous characters.

  • Treasure trails :

The whole family can explore the 5 outdoor treasure trails in the park. Armed with a map of the park and all the necessary equipment, families wander independently through the forest of blue dreams in search of treasures, secret codes and animals, and win prizes as they go!

– green trail: for the very young, take off with the whole family in the footsteps of the three little ducks… (children aged 4 to 6 approx.)
– blue trails: children decipher the secret code of the Petit Prince de Condé’s treasure, children rediscover Jean de la Fontaine’s fables (ages 7-12 approx.)
– Red trails: using a detector, a family search for the lost treasure of Alaciel (13-77 years approx.), hunt for the tiger hiding in the park (13-77 years approx.).

  • The soldiers’ tower:

Entering an old castle tower, families discover 1,200 lead soldiers for a journey back in time.

  • Intruders in the castle :

Budding detectives! We’ll be waiting for you in the castle with a quiz to detect little intruders; unusual toys that have crept into the castle tour…

  • The strange mirror:

With the wand borrowed from Clarine the Fairy, will you have the power to awaken the fabulous magic mirror in the château de Condé drawing room?

Route des Familles

Curiocity by CAP Orientation

A map, some questions, a riddle… and off you go!

Discover Epernay and its heritage on a fun and friendly tour.
Explore the Sparnacian city through an unusual storyline. Are you up to the challenge?

Curiocity is sure to appeal to young and old alike, offering a family outing like no other!

route des familles
La ferme aux oiseaux
400 exotic birds and a floral park with 300 rose bushes

The Exotic Bird Farm

In a 17th century coaching inn:

Stroll among the colors and scents. Over 400 exotic birds in 7-metre-long aviaries.
Stroll through the avenues of our (renowned) floral park, with its 300 fragrant rosebushes and all its varieties of flowers, a true Paradise where the sound of cascading water murmurs. And why not stop off at La Terrasse for a refreshing drink or ice cream. Souvenir store and museum.

A truly unique family activity not to be missed in Champagne!

From May 1 to September 30.

Route des familles
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Voyage Sensoriel Au Cœur De La Champagne


Pressoria is the Centre d’Interprétation des Vins de Champagne (Champagne Wine Interpretation Center), housed in a former Maison Pommery pressing center dating back to 1902. 10 rooms give you the chance to discover, with family and friends, how champagne is made, using all 5 senses.
A commented tasting of 2 champagnes or 2 grape juices takes place at the end of the tour to stimulate the sense of taste!

Come and discover the secrets of this legendary wine, set against a backdrop of hillsides classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Fun and educational tour for the whole family
  • A tour accessible to children, where you can touch, feel… and make the visit your own.
  • Child-friendly tasting with 2 grape juices (one sparkling and one still)
  • A large terrace for running, contemplating and enjoying the view
  • Make the experience even more fun with the riddle booklet
route des enfants
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in a privileged setting

Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology

Located on Avenue de Champagne, one of Epernay’s most prestigious thoroughfares, the Musée du Vin de Champagne et d’Archéologie Régionale tells the story of the Champagne region, from the formation of its soil millions of years ago to the present day.

Young and old alike will marvel at this museum, discovering and learning at the same time, thanks to modern, fun and participatory displays of the 2,500 or so objects on show.

Activities for families and young audiences:

Workshops for young audiences :

  • family visits and guided tours ;
  • fun activities (escape games, murder parties, etc.) ;
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pedal through our ocean of vines


Feel like taking the bikes out of the garage for a family outing? 3,2,1…let’s go!

Facil-e-bike is a bike rental service located at 7 Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, but also a rental service delivered to your place of stay. You don’t move, we bring your bike to you and pick it up.

We have electric bikes, classic bikes, children’s bikes, children’s trailers, utility bikes and baby carriers.

peaceful moment

Le Bateau between Epernay and Cumières

From the C la Nautique landing stage, take your little tribe aboard a river shuttle to Cumières and back to Epernay. For 1h30, step out of time on the Champagne Vallée boat.

(Re)discover the Champagne vineyards and their hillsides, and admire the landscape as it unfolds on the water.

Reservations on site at the Société Nautique d’Epernay and at the Tourist Office.

Departures every Saturday at 10:15 am and 5:45 pm, May to September.

Bateau Champagne Vallée
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time stands still once again

Le Bateau Champagne Vallée

If you’d rather let yourself be carried away while enjoying a family boating experience, then opt for a cruise on the Marne with Bateau Champagne Vallée.

Rendezvous and return to the Cumières pier, just 10 minutes from Epernay, to board a magnificent paddlewheel boat.

Once you’ve settled into the panoramic room, you’ll have a front-row seat to observe the Champagne vineyards, their remarkable hillsides, and their flora and fauna!

discover sparnacan anecdotes and secrets

Office guided tours

The tourist season is underway… the fine weather is back… it’s the right time to come and fill up on ideas and experiences, and discover our new guided tours departing from the Office.

Aurélie, our tour guide, will accompany them for a unique experience!

  • “An hour in the heart of the Avenue de Champagne

This tour of Epernay invites you to discover the history of the famous avenue de Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

20 people maximum

  • “Epernay Gourmand

It’s an invitation to discover the Avenue de Champagne with a guide. At the end of this gourmet tour, a champagne tasting accompanied by a local speciality is planned for this convivial moment at the start of the Office.

10 people maximum

Become an adventurer


Located between Châlons-en-Champagne and Reims, this leisure park invites you to discover Griny and his band of elves in a green setting, with over 20 activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Enjoy numerous games, attractions and shows such as the balanz bike, the labyrinth, the net in the trees, the leprechaun show, the rosalie circuit in the woods, the zip line, the playground, the treasure hunt, the Formula 1 circuit with pedal go-karts, the buffer boat, the hand pedal boats…

Relax on a boat trip, a pony ride, in the bamboo alley, in the witches’ cul-de-sac…

Pass Reims - Epernay

Pass Reims - Epernay


Free with pass :
– Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology Museum
– A guided tour of the Tourist Office
– Entrance to Pressoria

Discounts with pass :
– Captive Balloon in Epernay
– Gourmet stores
– Restaurants
– Winegrowers
– Excursions

The full list of partners is available on the free Pass Reims Epernay mobile application (available in Android and Apple versions).

Discounts with our partners are generally granted on site (no online booking). We advise you to check with them beforehand.