Eglise de Chavot Courcourt par les Droners

The most beautiful churches in Epernay and its villages

In the heart of the Champagne region

Historical monuments

At the crossroads of cultural and religious tourism, visiting churches opens up the possibility of discovering more about the heritage and history of the Champagne region. Places of memory, art and worship, religious buildings are also a haven of peace where you can enjoy a moment of calm in luxurious silence.

In Epernay, you will have the opportunity to visit many religious monuments and sites, most of them classified as historical monuments. In the heart of the capital of Champagne, go to the Notre-Dame church, one of the highlights of the city. Inside, the building has many works of art: stained glass, paintings and sculptures. You can take a welcome break after walking through the city center!

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Churches and chapels

Their doors are open to you

All around Epernay, winegrowing villages open the doors of their churches and chapels. The churches of Saint-Hélain de Bisseuil, Saint-Georges de Damery or Saint-Martin de Chavot-Courcourt, typically Champagne, all invite you to deepen your knowledge of the architecture andcultural heritage of Champagne .

Finally, if it cannot be visited, the Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers abbey remains symbolically the cradle of the king of wines. Now owned by Moët & Chandon, this remarkable building was once home to Dom Pierre Pérignon, to whom legend attributes the creation of Champagne wine.

Ideas for discovering churches

Eglise Notre-Dame - Epernay

Eglise Notre-Dame

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Eglise Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul

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Eglise Saint-Sindulphe

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Abbaye Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers

Abbaye Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers

If it cannot be visited, the place symbolically remains the cradle ...
Réplique Grotte de Lourdes

Réplique de la Grotte de Lourdes

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Eglise de Cuis ©OTEPC Maxime FEVRE (8)

Église Saint-Nicaise

Church registered on the list of Historic Monuments since 1902. The...

Eglise Saint Nicolas

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Eglise Saint Rufin et Saint Valère

The Church of Pierre-Morains was classified as a Historic Monument ...
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Eglise Saint-Rémi

11th century Romanesque church Visitable every day from 8 a.m. t...
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Eglise Saint-Gibrien

Gothic style church. Its architecture surprises with its nave that ...
IMG_0132 - Hervé Ravillion

Église Saint-Médard

Absence of steeple Visits are not allowed

Eglise Saint Etienne

Pretty little church surrounded by greenery and bordered by the cem...