The walker's charter

I respect nature and the spaces I cross

Each of the plots receives special attention, according to its needs, in order to give the best of itself.

  • I learn to know the fauna, the flora, the geology and the sites encountered on my route.
  • The only souvenirs I take of my hike are photos (in respect of image rights). I avoid all picking: just because a plant species is abundant here does not mean it is not rare elsewhere.
  • To avoid trampling wild or cultivated species and causing erosion of fragile soils, I do not go off the paths and tracks, I do not cross crops or plantations.
  • I don’t walk between the roads of the vineyards nor in the cultivated fields, they are private properties.
  • I don’t scare the grazing animals and I close behind me the gates I have opened.
  • The best waste is a waste that does not exist… and in any case, I do not throw anything away, I only leave behind my footprints.
  • I report any anomalies encountered on my route, such as marking errors, fire starts, stray animals, obstacles or illegal dumping on the site, and I specify the activity I am doing.
  • If I plan to bivouac, I must find out beforehand which bivouac areas are authorized. I don’t light fires.
  • I keep my dog on a leash.
feuille de vigne champenoise en automne - Epernay Tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer
The terroir is an ancestral combination of a soil, a subsoil, a know-how and a constant involvement of the farmers and their staff.

I respect the work of farmers, wine growers and other users of the natural area

  • I am particularly careful not to interfere with their activities when I pass farm and vineyard vehicles.
  • I remain attentive to the information placed at the edge of the parcels.
  • I am courteous with everyone I meet on my route.
  • When I pass other hikers, cyclists or horseback riders, I slow down if necessary, I keep my distance and announce my arrival with a “hello”.
  • I keep my distance in case of spraying.
  • In the accommodations in which I am welcomed, I take care to respect the peace and quiet of the other guests and not to dirty or deteriorate the premises at my disposal.
  • During the hunting season, I am vigilant and I avoid hunting areas. To know the dates and places of hunting I can contact the Departmental Federation of Hunting to 03 26 65 17 85 or by e-mail to the following address or the town halls of the villages crossed.
bouteille de champagne dans le vignoble en automne - Epernay Tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

I am forward thinking

  • I favor recognized routes by informing myself before leaving (digital applications Id Vizit, Cirkwi, maps, Tourist Offices, …)
  • I wear safe shoes and clothing adapted to the weather.
  • I inform a third party of my departure and the outline of my itinerary.
  • I remain visible in all weather and at all times by wearing light colors and reflective strips at night.

A territory that holds many secrets...