Plateau fromage charcuterie accompagné de champagne - Epernay Tourisme


Vue d'un vignoble champenois en bord de Marne - Epernay Tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

Champagne experience

Vineyards, estates and houses of Champagne

The city of Épernay is known for its vineyards and its Champagne estates and houses.
Many cellars are open to tourists. They are part of the must-sees during your visit to the region. In order to avoid a large flow of people, visits are by reservation, so do not hesitate to book your visit in advance. So, for those who love good living, Epernay and its villages are the ideal place!

A visit to the champagne cellars is an exceptional experience to be done at least once in a lifetime. The cellars were the place where the wine was grown and stored. It is in these places that the first bottles of champagne were developed by a monk named Dom Pérignon. Today, the cellars have become prestigious places and each one has its own particular characteristics. Amateur or not of this celebration drink, come and discover this unique universe!

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