The tethered balloon evenings

3 exceptional evenings

The tethered balloon evenings

From May to September, the Ballon d’Epernay comes alive for 3 exceptional evenings. Concert, food truck, champagne bar, brasserie – take the opportunity to enjoy a convivial moment with your loved ones in the park at the foot of the balloon!

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The tethered balloon evenings 2023 program

From May 11 to August 3, 2024, 3 dates are scheduled for the 3rd edition of the Soirées du Ballon d’Epernay. 3 Saturdays to enjoy a festive and convivial event, with the possibility of taking to the skies at any time!
During each Soirée du Ballon, the tethered balloon will be exceptionally accessible from 7pm to 10pm. You’ll be able to soar 150 meters high aboard the aircraft’s gondola and admire the famous 360° panoramic view of the Champagne region, with the setting sun as a bonus. The flight lasts 10 minutes and can accommodate up to 29 passengers at a time. It’s a sensational journey through the air, an experience that the unique programming of each evening promises to keep you coming back for more!
On the ground, everything has been planned to surround the Ballon d’Epernay with a festive atmosphere. With musical entertainment, champagne bars, food trucks and small-scale catering, the Soirées du Ballon will set the pace on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. Come and enjoy a concert, a snack, a glass of Champagne and/or a good beer under one of the Champagne Capital’s star attractions!

Mark your calendars!

Les Soirées du Ballon 2024: from Epernay :
Saturday, May 11th
Saturday, June 22nd
Saturday, August 3rd

Practical information

No reservations.
Free admission, payable services.
Flights subject to weather conditions.