the gates of Champagne

Crédit photo: MDT

An exceptional vineyard

Here, the Champagne vineyard crosses the territory from one side to the other, letting its hillsides gracefully sculpt the breathtaking valley of the Marne.

These are 10% of the production of the wine of kings which are produced each year in the Gates of Champagne.

Every day of the year, you can go and meet enthusiastic winegrowers, ready to share their passion with passing epicureans.

Château de Fère-en-Tardenois
fascinating history

Incomparable castles

Discover the Château des Princes de Condé, a historic site that still houses many treasures. Dive into its exciting history. You will be charmed by the Watteau wing, or the room of the most famous cardinal, Richelieu.

Further north, in the heart of the Tardenois plateau, the Château de Fère-en-Tardenois and its unavoidable gallery bridge will seduce the most romantic. Stroll through the ruins that inspired the architects of the famous Chenonceau castle. Finally, in the heart of Chateau Thierry, the castle will delight the old and the young. Its playful nets in the trees as well as the educational demonstrations of birds of prey will suit a family audience for a moment of sharing and complicity.

Crédit photo: MDT Les Portes de la Champagne C Debout

Nature as a source of inspiration

As you roam, enjoy panoramic views of the Marne Valley or the heart of “Little Switzerland”.

With its wooded valleys, true oceans of greenery dotted with authentic villages, this is the ideal place to let go.

Over the centuries, our forests, landscapes and views have inspired artists and are still an inexhaustible source of inspiration today.

Did you know that it is in fact at the gates of Champagne that the artists Jean de la Fontaine, Camille Claudel, or Léon Lhermitte were born! That’s all there is to it!