biscuit dans un arbre sur la prestigieuse avenue de Champagne

Journey to the heart of UNESCO

An unusual vineyard landscape

Historic hillsides

Champagne houses that work to produce a unique and prestigious wine, renowned worldwide.
Miles of cellars, true hidden treasures of a sparkling wine region.

vignoble champenois - Epernay tourisme
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In Epernay, you can experience the beauty of this landscape. Because champagne is intimately linked to the terroir that shapes it, between Champagne know-how and French excellence. Here, the men knew how to shape in the chalk a unique heritage, at the same time rural, urban and underground. From a seemingly infertile land, they succeeded in giving birth to a wine appreciated all over the world.

Crisscrossing the roads of Champagne

Start your journey in the heart of UNESCO

By car, bike or even on foot, dive into a vineyard of hillsides. Close to Epernay, those of the Vallée de la Marne, from Cumières to Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, passing by Hautvillers, the cradle of champagne, are worth a visit. There, the wooded peaks dominate the curves of land planted with vines where charming villages are nestled.

Like an immersion in an ocean of vines, you will have all the leisure to discover various facets of the Champagne vineyard, authentic and singular.

Epernay, an unavoidable step

A landscape shaped by champagne

Just walk down the prestigious avenue de Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ll understand how important the city has been in the development of a unique and prestigious wine that is world-renowned. On this mythical road, the castles and mansions built by the merchants in the 19th century stand side by side in a remarkable ensemble. They form sublime cases for the most renowned champagne houses. Each in their own way, they represent a privileged place for festivities, celebrations, reconciliation and the art of living, perfect reflections of the excellence of champagne.

champagne et cave Leclerc Briant
Guided tours

Our cellars and galleries

Your trip to the heart of UNESCO would not be complete without an excursion hundreds of meters underground. Because the Champagne region is also made up of hundreds of kilometers of cellars, galleries and vaults, sometimes on several levels. In Epernay, more than 110 km of cellars dug in the chalk are hidden under the city! Inside, more than 200 million bottles with a golden sheen rest. During a guided tour, take the chance to explore this underground network of exceptional size and unique in the world.

Visit the houses of the champagne avenue


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