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With the Route des Tops Points de vue, the Tourist Office offers lovers of life and nature a series of 100% breathtaking and confidential stops in the heart of the Epernay en Champagne region, and more specifically on its southern slopes.
Take this suggested itinerary and discover the Champagne region in a whole new way, thanks to some unmissable & confidential spots. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from passionate winemakers, accommodation and restaurants to breathtaking views!
As a couple, this route will offer you a memorable romantic moment, and with friends or family, share an unparalleled moment. Come and enjoy a special experience that’s sure to activate every one of your senses!
Things to do: discover the sublime church of Chavot-Courcourt, the Loge de vignes – La Table, the Monthelon viewpoint,…

Municipality of Brugny-Vaudancourt


Most of its territory is covered by the majestic Brugny forest, which is home to several ponds including the Etang de Terre-Neuve and the Etang du Grand-Brugny, offering magnificent scenery as you stroll through a green setting of meadows, vineyards and forests!
Brugny-Vaudancourt boasts a 13th-century château, washhouses and authentic wine presses, as well as breathtaking views over the valley to the south of Epernay.

Vue des vignobles sur une église à la tombée du jour - Epernay Tourisme
The Droners


The village of Chavot is located on a hillside in the Champagne vineyards, a few kilometers from Epernay.
The site has been inhabited since Neolithic times. Polished stone axes have been found on the tip of the Chavot plateau.
The Romanesque church dates back to the 12th century. It overlooks the Cubry valley and stands on the motte of the ancient castle to which it was attached. Unfortunately, over the centuries, the church of Saint Martin in Chavot-Courcourt has suffered many partial deteriorations.
Seemingly lost in the middle of the Champagne vineyards, which stretch as far as the eye can see, the church of Chavot is well worth a visit, day or night.

Vue sur la commune de Grauves - Epernay Tourisme
Municipality of Grauves

Chemin des Patis, Grauves

Grauves is a pretty commune, with exceptionally steep hillsides, which is why they’re called “cliffs”. These cliffs encircle two hundred hectares of vineyards, allowing you to admire the scenery from the other communes where walkers and hang-gliders can be found. Other life forms have been discovered thanks to marine shell fossils. Interestingly, around 45 million years ago, La Champagne was actually a tropical beach, inhabited by Campaniles giganteum, giant snails equivalent to over 40 cm in length!

Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

Chemin de la ceinture Epernay

The Chemin de Ceinture is a hiking trail that circles the town of Epernay.
This path follows the contours of the town, offering exceptional panoramic views of the Champagne vineyards, the surrounding hills and the town’s historic monuments.

Paysage au bord de l'eau, commune de Mancy - Epernay Tourisme
commune of Mancy


When the weather’s fine, Mancy is a popular place to stroll! This quiet little village offers beautifully decorated facades, and you can follow the stream to discover the Romanesque church with its three naves and recently restored murals.

Don’t forget to take the Saint-Hubert path, which leads to the picnic area offering a refreshing view of the hillsides south of Epernay.

commune of Monthelon
start your day in monthelon


Nestled between vineyards and forest, you’ll discover a vantage point offering an incomparable panorama. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant picnic in the heart of nature and, for the more courageous, to take in a beautiful sunrise. Continuing on, you’ll discover a number of beautifully enhanced fountains and wash-houses.
In 1836, while renovating a house, a treasure trove of four hundred and thirty gold coins was discovered!

commune of Morangis
Authentic wash-house and fountain


This picturesque village is much more than just a vineyard landscape. It is also animated by vast pastures and magnificent woods. As you stroll through this lush natural setting, you’ll have the pleasure of admiring a charming old washhouse and fountain that add to the charm of the place.

instagram account: moslins.france


A few kilometers from Epernay lies a very pretty, little-visited valley. It’s a delightful village with its nest of greenery and its many springs! Moslins, whose name appears in texts dating back to 1157, owes its name to the presence of numerous mills in ancient times. That’s why this commune is interesting not only for its charming surroundings, but also for its historical memories.

commune of Moussy

Moussy (Loge de vignes - La Table)

Created on the initiative of 13 winegrowers from the village, this all-wooden table lodge is ideal for family picnics and large convivial gatherings, just like the banquets of yesteryear.

This four-portal structure, which supports the benches and table, allows for observation of different horizons, offering photophiles a remarkable interplay of planes and fields. There’s no point in trying to sit down at the end of this table, it jumps into the void like a diving board into a sea of vines!

The winemakers behind this magnificent lodge:

Yannick Brassart
Victor Charlot
Dominique Créte
Dambron et fils
Godart et fils
Grasset Stern
Pascal Lejeune
Guy Michel
Jean Michel
Pinot chevauchet
Ruelle Pertois

commune of Moussy
Art & Nature

Moussy (Loge de vignes - Loge Pinard)

La loge pinard is a unique place that combines art and nature. Pieces of champagne vats are cut to different sizes to create armchair-like seating surrounded by our vineyard. If you take advantage of the beautiful view, you can even see the church of Chavot-Courcourt in the distance.

instagram account: dobrodushnayaa


In the heart of the vineyards, two kilometers from Epernay, discover Pierry, a commune that has always been linked to the vine since the monks. Today, Pierry is recognized as one of the landmarks in the history of Champagne wine, thanks in particular to the emblematic figure of Brother Oudart, one of the founding fathers of Champagne along with his rival, the famous Dom Pierre Pérignon.

commune of Saint-Martin d'Ablois
a unique heritage

Saint-Martin d'Ablois

A pretty, authentic commune with a rich history and heritage to discover. Excavations suggest that there were several convents in Ablois in the Middle Ages. In the past, this commune was a recognized economic center with important markets, particularly for wood, wine and millstones used in construction.

Saint-Martin d’Ablois boasts a 16th-century church with a square bell tower, a Gallo-Roman site and a castle.

The village has a wealth of water features, with fountains and wash-houses throughout.

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a valley topped by wooded plateaus


Vinay is a small, traditional Champagne village, nestled in a valley and topped by a wooded plateau. The entire hillside is planted with vineyards. At the bottom of the valley, crossing the village, you’ll find a small river that flows into the Marne. All the vines are cultivated by the villagers! You’ll discover farms that have been in the family for generations!

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