La Route du Champagne

The Champagne Route

The Champagne landscapes

Discovering our heritage

The Champagne Tourist Route is the best way to discover the heritage and landscapes of Champagne! With its 6 circuits and about 600 kilometers of walks in total, it calls for an escape for an immersion in an ocean of vines. On the slopes, through the wine villages or in the heart of remarkable natural sites, choose the itinerary that suits you best. Three different tours are available from Epernay: “The Vallée de la Marne” with a magnificent panorama on the river, “the Montagne de Reims”, which will lead you to through mountains and forests to the prestigious “Cité des Sacres”, and finally to the “Côte des Blancs”, with a bucolic and viticultural charm.

Let’s go, take the 3 itineraries to discover the wine wealth of Epernay and its charming villages at your own pace!

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The Vallée de la Marne

This route offers breathtaking views! Find in vines the Pinot Meunier grape variety which extends as far as the eye can see. Visit the charming villages, castles and churches along the way of the Marne.

The gems you will meet during the course:

  • The Benedictine abbey and the wrought iron signs of Hautvillers
  • The view from the Château de Boursault
  • The Château Louis XIII and its memorial of the Victories of the Marne
  • The village of Oeuilly which is bathed in a special atmosphere

The Montagne de Reims

This itinerary offers one of the most beautiful vineyard treasures with its breathtaking slopes, you will be immersed in our landscapes and our heritage 100% Champagne.

The gems you will meet during the course:

  • In Reims, discover the underground galleries, the Tau Palace, the Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral
  • Admire towards Gueux the three hundred year old vineyards then at the top of a hill discover the Saint-Lié Chapel.
  • Marvel at the beech trees at the Montagne de Reims Natural Park in Verzy
  • Stroll along the Avenue de Champagne and discover its 110 kilometers of underground treasures.

The Côte des Blancs

This itinerary from the city of Epernay will allow you to make prestigious discoveries

The gems you will meet during the course:

  • The Chardonnay grape variety as far as the eye can see in this ocean of vines that offers itself to you
  • The prestigious avenue de Champagne, where you will find prestigious Champagne Houses
  • The extraordinary view from Mount Bernon
  • Admire the magnificent church of Chavot Courcourt overlooking the vineyard