Champagne Experiences & Inspirations

An unforgettable stay

There is nothing like discovering a destination in total immersion ! Landscapes, traditions, privileged moments, Epernay offers you different animations around champagne all year long. Human and authentic experiences to live absolutely for an unforgettable stay in the heart of Champagne !

We have designed programs for you around various themes, as invitations to share the art of living and the highlights of the Champagne region. The idea? Enjoy sparkling moments designed for you, for a few hours or a weekend.

Champagne Boizel ©Alexandre Couvreux
Alexandre Couvreux

Live a complete experience

You will have the opportunity to participate in the annual edition of
Spirit of Champagne
a flagship event that offers you the opportunity to meet the producers (tastings, workshops, demonstrations or tours).

You can even extend the experience over 3 days with the Fascinating Weekend Vignobles & Découvertes a program of quality activities, close to the vineyard and the winemaker.

If you are in Epernay around September, don’t miss the experience
Harvesters for a day
! At least once in your life, take part in the old-fashioned grape harvest during an enriching and ultra-friendly day.

And for a complete wine tourism experience, other original events await you.

Déguster une coupe de champagne entre amis
Louis XV en Champagne
Time travel

Louis XV is back... in Champagne!

300 years to the day after his coronation in Reims Cathedral, King Louis XV returned to the region in a very original way. With the help of the sculptor Juan-Carlos Carillo (assisted by his apprentice Mathias Galichet), he is now enthroned in the courtyard of the Hotel De Venoge for eternity since his return is made through a sumptuous statue. A work that will still be as beautiful in 1000 years according to the artist who also created the Dom Pérignon inaugurated last year in Hautvillers.

A little history…  

The House of De Venoge did not choose this King by chance, a Cuvée with his name has existed for more than 15 years and as Gilles de la Bassetiere, Chairman and CEO of De Venoge reminded us in his speech, it is thanks to Louis XV that Champagne exists, in fact the edict of May 1728, the
“Grey wines of Champagne are authorized to be bottled in order to make them sparkling”…
A decision of the State Council of the King authorizes the transport and the trade of Champagne wines in baskets of 50 to 100 bottles, a decision that still resounds like a major act for the flagship product of our region.

Invitation to selfies!

Now it’s your turn to discover this statue and take your place on the seat next to the King for a trip back to the 18th century for a few minutes. 
Come and take a selfie with him and share this very “French Art de vivre” moment!