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Epernay & son Avenue de Champagne

Champagne heritage

A prestigious avenue

If you had to walk down only one street in Epernay, it would be the avenue de Champagne! The most prestigious road in the city (and the region) lives up to its name. On more than 1 km, it welcomes a succession of splendid castles and mansions, among them the seats of great champagne houses or the unavoidable Museum of the wine of Champagne and regional Archaeology. So many exceptional places that show the refinement and heritage of the Champagne region every day.

Epernay et son avenue de champagne
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The art of living in Champagne

Inscribed since 2015 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the avenue de Champagne in Epernay is a must for anyone passing through Epernay! On both sides of this long avenue, a remarkable architectural ensemble. Paved courtyards, elaborate facades or landscaped gardens, all these grandiloquent details tell a bit of the history of Champagne, in the flourishing era of the first Champagne trading houses.

1.5 km long, the avenue de Champagne is one of the entrance doors to Epernay. If you can, choose this route when you arrive at your destination. A great way to end your trip! Here, everything has been designed to extend the vineyard landscape that envelops the Capital of Champagne. You will find a summary of the Champagne art of living, where it is good to stroll for a day or a weekend.

You can walk, cycle or even take the little train along the avenue de Champagne. And if you want to go further, we suggest 2 experiences. For the first one, you just have to download the ” avenue de Champagne ” application to live an immersive experience thanks to superimposed reality. The second one is very real and promises you some strong sensations: climb aboard the tethered balloon, at the very bottom of the avenue, to discover a dazzling panorama on the city and the surrounding vineyard. A change of scenery guaranteed!

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An avenue with secrets...

But to get a complete overview of the richness of the avenue de Champagne, you have to go underground! The underground of the avenue shelters some 200 million bottlesThese are ideally protected in the cellars and galleries dug into the chalk. After treading the cobblestones on the surface, plunge into the heart of the secrets of Champagne wine making, where time does its work. During a visit to the cellars, you will be able to discover the mystery of the most famous wine.

If the avenue de Champagne is a high place of the Champagne heritageIt is also an essential spot where we celebrate an art of living that inspires the whole world. Champagne bars, restaurants, guest houses, parks and gardens, these must-see addresses in Epernay are all invitations to travel to the heart of an authentic and unique region. During the summer months, the mythical route takes on an even more sparkling dimension thanks to numerous events such as the Soirée Blanche on July 14. These festive meetings, real moments of sharing where champagne is honoredThe permanent effervescence of a unique street in the world is punctuated by a variety of events. In December, don’t miss the “Habits de Lumière”, a weekend during which the avenue vibrates with an unforgettable show, between sound and light, big parade, fireworks and original tastings.

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