En solo dans le vignoble champenois


In connection with Champagne

Go on an adventure in Epernay and its villages, on the road of the great wines. It is a destination that can be visited on foot and that has a lot to offer. The place is full of charm and allows you to discover the specialties and pleasures of the region: champagne, honey, moelleux champenois, delicatessen specialties, cheeses and other delicacies.

Champagne is a region with a great history, and is known all over the world for its specialties, especially champagne. Those who have had the opportunity to visit one of these cities and/or villages have been able to realize this!

un vélo dans la campagne champenoise - Epernay tourisme
Alexandre Couvreux Photographer

A destination as close to you as possible!

When you visit Epernay, you will find that the destination will give you a warm and friendly welcome... As for relaxation, you will have the opportunity to rest andrelax on the banks of the Marne, to walk between the water, the plains and the vineyards.

Epernay is a destination that is very much appreciated by tourists who come to recharge their batteries and spend unforgettable moments in harmony with our nature while meeting our passionate men and women and mixing with other travelers during visits.

Everything that needs to be done is planned so that you have a nice time with us.

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